MS Cosmo Pack Luxe

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MS Cosmo Pack Luxe

Cosmopolitan glass hookah by MS

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Kaloud Lotus thermal regulation disposal

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El-Nefes clay bowl for heat management screens

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An incredible quality/price ratio... that's what we would think if we talked about the Cosmopolitan hookah.


With an elegant style and thick glass, it's amazing how many accessories come with this product for such a low price of 100€. The Cosmopolitan hookah comes with a silicone hose and Marrakech glass mouthpiece, a downstem with integretad diffuser, a glass bowl which compatible with heat management systems, and a release valve.


Perfectly stable thanks to its large base and small size, the Cosmopolitan hookah also comes with a decorative glass tray (do not place hot coals on it!)

The Kaloud Lotus is an amazing accessory that aims to regulate the temperature of your tobacco. Indeed the use of natural coals has known lately a popularity increase among hookah smokers.


The complexity of the use of natural coals lies in obtaining a heating temperature suitable for your preparation and your bowl. Any excess heating can lead you to burn your tobacco and get a disastrous taste. This accesory is to simplify the use of natural coal, this is why Kaloud invented the Lotus.


The Kaloud Lotus is a receptacle for natural coal that will act as a screen by transferring the appropriate amount of heat to your tobacco. No need to use the aluminum and punch holes, simply fill your bowl with tobacco, install your Kaloud Lotus and place the natural coals.


The Kaloud lotus will then quickly heat up and transfer the heat from coals evenly to the entire bowl, so your tobacco ideally consumes itself. To adjust the heating of your coals, you also have a knob to manage the air intake on the device.


The Kaloud Lotus is an excellent way to enjoy intense heat without the risk of burning your tobacco and it also has the advantage of limiting the fall of ashes in your bowl.


The Kaloud Lotus is compatible with the vast majority of bowls sold on Darnashop and wants to be the acessible FUMO grid.

The El-Nefes clay bowl has become a star product, which reveals to be THE bowl to use with heat management screens such as the Kamin in Germany.


With a 6cm width and important depth, the El-Nefes bowl has been specially conceived to be used with natural charcoal. The size and depth of this bowl allow it to resist a significantly high amount of heat.


The El-Nefes clay bowl need a large MOD grommet to fit on your hookah. It's compatible with all heat management screens: Kamin Set, Birdhunter, Badcha, AMY, etc...


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