Pack Bonnie & Clyde

Pack Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie amp; Clyde

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Chicha Dschinni stainless steel

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Food grade silicone flexible, supple and strong. Length 150cm.

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Flexy large silicone bowl

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ARC V2 modular heating system

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Order your Boonie amp; Clyde fully equipped at the best price at Darnashop!

The Boonie amp; Clyde is a high-end model designed by Dschinni. This luxury shisha is one of the most popular (most popular shisha, not criminal) from the German brand. This model is equipped with a diffuser for a light and fluid draw and an 18/8 column cut allowing you to add a molasses catcher. With its 4 pipe connections, you can also share your Boonie amp; Clyde with your friends (or not).

With the Bonnie amp; Clyde, Darnashop offers you a complete configuration including a stainless steel hookah, a silicone bowl, a heating system and a silicone hose. With this ready-to-use hookah pack, all you have to do is choose your coals, your taste, and enjoy the exceptional performance of Dschinni hookahs! For maximum flavor while maintaining a thick smoke, we recommend the gout WAYS hookah(with or without nicotine booster).

The German hookah manufacturer Dschinni has marked the history of stainless steel hookahs with two iconic models that have become bestsellers, namely the Vendetta and the Armageddon. These two reference hookahs have almost become common names. This means that the release of each new model of Dschinni hookah in stainless steel is eagerly awaited by lovers of the brand.

With the Bonnie and Clyde hookahs, Dschinni offers top-of-the-range models specially designed to meet the tastes and expectations of the French market in terms of hookahs. With their sleek lines and elegant design, the Bonnie and Clyde hookahs exude a sense of power without being overly large and bulky. The 42 centimeters in height of these models are essentially due to the sublime glass vase which serves as their base. The latter ensures perfect stability of the shisha thanks to its foot whose radius exceeds that of the vase itself... to tip this type of model, you will really have to do it on purpose!

Dschinni has combined this luxurious vase with a no less luxurious stainless steel column, whose finishes should delight lovers of beautiful machined pieces. The column of the Clyde shisha pipe has 4 pre-connections for hose and is supplied with an original connector. Its design is a feast for the eyes, and it can also be easily embellished with a molasses catcher or a glass column thanks to its 18/8 connector (a virtual obligation at Dschinni now).

Draw question, Bonnie amp; Clyde are very fluid due to several factors, such as the short column, the compact smoke storage chamber and the stainless steel diffuser included with the shisha. These premium shisha models are topped by a sober and elegant aluminum ashtray that perfectly complements the other materials used here.

The Bonnie and the Clyde differ only in the design of the central part of their column but are in all respects similar... Choose the one that you like the most aesthetically!

With their attractive design, their very appreciable value for money and their performance, the Dschinni Bonnie and Clyde have everything to seduce the amateur smoker to the most confirmed expert!

- Silver stainless steel shisha column
- Height: 42 cm, weight: 3.0 kg
- Sold naked without bowl or pipe
- Classic glass vase, thick and resistant
- Column with screw fixing
- Stainless steel diffuser included

The hose is the most important part of a pipe. It is the hose that determines whether a hose is washable or not washable. It is also the hose that determines the flow rate of a pipe based on its circumference.

Silicone hoses are now considered by connoisseurs to be the best hoses for shisha. They allow to obtain a maximum flow for a dense and intense smoke.

Darnashop's silicone hoses measure 150cm and are made of food grade silicone. They are made in Germany and will not impart any stray tastes to your shisha. They can be washed as many times as necessary, all you have to do is pass water through them.

Darnashop offers a very wide choice of silicone hose colors as well as two color finishes: Glossy and Soft Touch. In glossy finish, your pipe will have a glossy appearance reflecting the light and giving a very modern look to your hookah. In Soft Touch finish, the hose has a matt appearance and a very soft touch that does not catch dust. Take your pick!

To enjoy your favorite shisha flavors without mixing them, think about buying several hoses (by identifying them for example by their color) and reserve a hose for each flavor of tobacco!

The Flexy is a large silicone bowl. They are compatible with Kaloud Lotus heat management systems.


The Flexy bowl doesn't need a grommet to fit on hookahs.

The ARC V2 system is the first modular heating system compatible with both fireplaces for Brohood and fireplaces for Kaloud Lotus. Designed to be adaptable to the vast majority of hearths on the market, the ARC system is a versatile accessory that can be used both on hearths intended for fireplaces (Type Brohood Phoenix, Volkan, Badcha, etc.) and on hearths intended for to closed systems (Kaloud Lotus, Amy smoke box, Oduman Ignis...).

The ARC system thus covers a particularly wide spectrum of cooking zones as well as cooking methods. By varying the type of hearth used and the heating method, you can obtain many different effects depending on whether you want to reveal the flavor of the tobacco or its power.

The new version of the ARC V2 system has a new exclusive airflow system intended to ensure the circulation of air in the device. The hood ridges have been enlarged, as well as new spoilers on the front side of the oven to ensure your charcoal always stays on, for long sessions, to get maximum smoke!

Switching from one mode of use to another and adapting to different types of hearths is almost instantaneous thanks to the removable cover and the inner ring provided.

The large interior volume of the ARC allows it to be used with both classic 25mm cube coals and XL cubes with 26mm sides, and you can feed the ARC by placing two or three coals in it depending on the desired temperature.

Versatile and agile, the ARC V2 offers you an infinite possibility of adjustments and gives you great freedom... It's up to you to master the art of preparation!

To take advantage of the full power of your ARC V2 heating system, we recommend natural charcoal Lokomotiv in 26mm cubes!



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