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Pack Start & Smoke M

MYA QT Vento hookah of 26 cm height with a transportable cage

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E350 flat bowl by Aladin

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Marrakech XL 2.0 hookah hose from the El-Badia brand. Entirely washable with its plastic catgut and its metal colored trim handle

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Pack of 100 dutch instant lite coals

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Hole puncher for homogeneous holes in the aluminum

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Last child of the QT family (January 2011), the QT Vento has already proven itself and has seduced many hookah bars and lounges thanks to the quality of the product.


Taking back the recipe that has given them success (a solid, practical and reliable hookah), the QT Vento distinguishes itself from its older brothers by an original design and a new base shape. The Vento cage has been rethought in order to allow a better accessibility to the hookah.


The price quality ratio of this hookah is unbeatable. The MYA QT Vento is a professional model at a very low value. If you have never tried it, you've never smoked a hookah.



You might live in a region where the water is very hard. When you clean your MYA QT Vento hookah, be sure to carefully dry it, this will avoid the metal of losing its glare. Also remember to move the valve of your Vento. This prevents the valve to grip and prevents you from damaging the marble! 



- MYA brand hookah guaranteed 100% original (beware of imitations, insist on the quality of a great brand!)

- Stainless steel silver hookah

- Height: 26 cm, Weight: 2.1 kg

- MYA female hose

- Classic glass base, thick and resistant

- Coal tongs

- Bowl, vase and hose seals included

- MYA ceramic bowl included

- Metal transport cage 

- Assorted vase, bowl and hose colors

The E350 is a 6 holes traditional flat bowl. It has been made to smoke Jurak, an unflavored black shisha tobacco. The Jurak is smoked with a natural coal directly placed on it. Jurak is mainly smoked for its flavor since it doesn't smoke much.


Today Jurak is less popular, but a new trend has appeared with flat bowls. You can find it in many hookah lounges. With quick-light coals, this bowl will be great for moderate smoking sessions. The E350 is a clay bowl that can fit any hookah with a large MOD grommet.



The E350 is not very tobacco demanding. In order to avoid burning your tobacco, place your coals on the sides of the bowl. Do not place it in the middle! It will heat up the center of the bowl and burn everything. Prefer placing your coals on the sides to always smoke fresh shisha!

The Marrakech 2.0 XL hose from the brand El-Badia is composed of two distinct parts: a metal rod and a fully plastic hose where the metal rod comes to clip.


The XL 2.0 hose is simply a "luxury" version of the famous Marrakech Ager hose. It differs from its predecessor (which you've probably seen in many hookah lounges) by a larger size and an increased quality of finishes.


The Marrakech XL 2.0 hose is wider, which gives it a better ease of use and a increased flow. Marrakech 2.0 XL hose is equipped with the same insertion tip that Dubai Ager hoses and has decorative rubber seals.


This hose is measuring 220 cm in total length, and 40 cm for the metal handle.


To clean your Marrakech XL hose, simply introduce a hard brush in the metal rod, and remove the water in the hose (remember to let your hose dry after washing).


If you want to use mouthtips for your Marrakech 2.0 hose, choose female type mouthtips.



When you finish a hookah session, consider hanging your hose. Indeed, the passage of air in your hose produces condensation.


A water level a bit too high and a strong aspiration can cause water to come up your hose.


Suspend your hose so it will make it dry quicker and remove dust particles. Do not let it in a "ball" form!

Three Kings coals are the most used instant lite coals in France. Look for them in the best hookah bars of the Hexagon. Made in Holland, the Three Kings deliver a carbon neutral odor, very low smoke and provide an ideal temperature for a period of 25-30 minutes.


You can have them available in boxes of 10 rolls of 10 instant lite coals with a 33mm diameter. Originally, Three Kings coals were designed for churches who used to burn incense before hookah smokers noticed the abscence of parasite smell of these coals, it would be the ideal coal for their hookah.


Today Darnashop provides several parishes as well as Buddhist temples with Three Kings coals that are used to burn incense.


Be careful! Victim of their success Three Kings coals are also the most immitated in the world of coals. Many shops sell on the market numerous inexpensive imitations. Darnashop guarantees the authenticity of its Three Kings. You can also protect yourself from immitation on the website of our partner



Three Kings coals are sensitive to temperature changes and humidity. To preserve the quality of your coals, keep them dry and be sure to close your rolls after each use.

Is there enough holes? Are my holes thick enough? Are my holes too big? Here are some common questions that users ask to Darnashop.


To facilitate this essential step in any hookah session, Darnashop proposes you a hole puncher that offers the opportunity to penetrate evenly and homogenous the aluminum covering your bowl.



Use gently the hole puncher, do not flatten the aluminum tobacco while piercing. Remember that your aluminum should never be in contact with your tobacco.


Do not press on the hole puncher too much!


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