The best cheap hookahs : buy a hookah for less than 60 euros

This question makes all the more sense at Darnashop as we offer a very wide choice of hookahs at the best price. The competition is tough in the hookahs segment at less than 60 euros and brands are competing to offer ever cheaper hookahs, offering ever more quality.

To help you choose the best chicha for under 60 euros, our team has put together a comparison of the most popular hookahs models in this price segment: The Celeste Junior, the MYA Vento, the Bocal and the Little Zuri 340.

Our in-house tester compared these four models in terms of design, equipment, durability and performance in use. These four inexpensive hookah were also put to the vote of the loyal LIVE Darnashop listeners for a fight without filters and without concessions!

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