Rise in the price of tobacco in Germany: end of cheap shisha tobacco


Germany is the El Dorado for smokers for its cheap shisha tobacco and its wide choice! Are the days of cheap shisha tobacco in Germany over? In Germany, the Bundestag has passed a law aimed at making tobacco and vaping products more expensive from 2022. The price increase (higher than initially expected) will have a strong impact on shisha tobacco and e-liquids for cigarettes. electronic. All brands of shisha tobacco are affected by this increase, Adalya, Social Smoke, Al Fakher, Tangiers ... But how much will my shisha tobacco increase?


Rise in the price of shisha tobacco in Germany: what is the expected increase for shisha tobacco?


As of January 1, 2022: increase of 15 euros in the tax on hookah tobacco per kilo

In a few months, the hookah tobacco tax will increase by 15 euros per kilo. We are talking about a fairly significant tax hike. The price of your shisha tobacco (whether Adalya, Al Fakher, Tangiers) will experience a considerable price increase.


As of July 1, 2022: the maximum packaging size will be 25 grams

During the year 2022, in addition to the increase in the tax on shisha tobacco, the packaging of shisha tobacco will also be impacted. Shisha tobacco in 200 grams, 500 grams, one kilo or any other packaging will be prohibited. The maximum pack size of your shisha tobacco will be 25 grams, which is roughly a head on a hearth designed for long sessions.


As of January 1, 2023: additional increase of 16 euros / per kilo

The German government does not stop there since in January 2023, a new increase in the tax on shisha tobacco is announced. In addition to the increase of 15 euros in January 2022, the Bundestag has decided to add an additional increase of 16 euros per kilo.


As of January 1, 2024: additional increase of 15 euros / per kilo

And a new increase in the price of hookah tobacco will be added on January 1, 2024. We are talking about an increase in the hookah tobacco tax of 15 euros per kilo. The increase in the hookah tobacco tax is gradual since it extends over 3 years. If this is the end of cheap shisha tobacco in Germany ... From now on, how to find cheap shisha tobacco?


The end of cheap shisha tobacco in Germany: what are the alternatives to find cheap shisha tobacco on the internet?


Throughout the year, we bring you the best shisha deals. At Darnashop, you have the assurance of buying your hookah, your accessories and your hookah taste at the best price. In order to satisfy the greatest number of smokers, we have a very wide choice of hookahs, accessories and hookah flavors. Whether you are looking for a shisha taste similar to shisha tobacco, cream, jelly or stones ... You will inevitably find what you are looking for!


Darnashop fought for several years against customs in order to offer these tastes for shisha for sale. The flavors we offer are nicotine-free, so are not taxed like shisha tobacco and much cheaper! A few months ago, we also released a new and slightly different shisha taste: LE WAYS! But what is WAYS? Tabamel Ways is a new way of smoking since you can smoke with or without nicotine as you wish!


Associated with its nicotine booster, the Ways turns into a nicotine shisha taste that has nothing to envy of its competitors! With the nicotine booster, choose your nicotine level. The Ways nicotine booster is available in soft or 10 mg / gr which corresponds to the degree of nicotine of an Adalya type tobacco. The Ways booster is also available in a strong version, i.e. 19 mg / gr, which corresponds to the intensity of a black tobacco like Tangiers. With this intensity, the Ways will be ideal to taste with a provost heating system. For smokers looking for a lighter finish like Dschinni, we recommend using half a jar of Soft booster for 200 grams of WAYS.



Ways avec booster de nicotine

Ways + nicotine booster: treat yourself to an intense shisha session!

The ways is compatible with all fireplaces (phunnel, vortex ...) and any type of heating system (Kaloud, brohood). The Ways shisha taste is offered in many flavors from the most classic (double apple, love 66 ...) to the most original (peach, lychee, violet ice tea ...). Like classic shisha tobacco, Ways tabamel can be combined with creams or mixed with other Ways fragrances to obtain 100% unique flavors! The Ways is a must-have for all smokers looking for an intense and inexpensive shisha taste. 





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