Halloween special: our opinion on the new Aladin Rival 380 hookah!



During this new Darnashsop show, the team presents the shisha news including the new little aluminum bomb from the Aladin brand: the Aladin Rival 380 shisha pipe! Julien will also answer all your questions live concerning the new arrivals, how to properly prepare your shisha ... Find the full program of the show at the bottom of the page!


Presentation of the Aladin Rival 380 hookah: the latest little bomb from Aladin at only 69 euros!


Aladin Rival 380 hookah: the low-cost hookah of the MVP 360


The Aladin Rival 380 hookah is the latest novelty from the Aladin brand. This compact model reminds us of the MVP 360 with its sleek design, complete equipments and small size. From the height of its 38 cm, the Aladin Rival 380 is a powerful model and very well equipped. Unlike the MVP 360 hookah (made of stainless steel), the Aladin Rival 380 hookah is made of aluminum. With a material less expensive than stainless steel, the Aladin Rival is offered at a very attractive price!


Aladin Rival 380 shisha review: get a big smoke with this shisha at a crazy price!


In terms of performance, the Aladin Rival 380 hookah has nothing to envy to the MVP 360. With its compact vase and high flow hose (included with the Rival 380), you will easily obtain a thick white smoke. The Aladin Rival 380 is also equipped with a diffuser (an essential feature on a small model like the Rival). Easy to handle, complete and elegant design, the Aladin Rival 380 is a model offering very good value for money.


The equipment provided with the Aladin Rival 380 hookah and its price


In terms of accessories, the Aladin Rival 380 hookah is very well equipped! This compact aluminum hookah will be delivered with a chimney set for natural charcoal, a silicone hose with its aluminum handle and a large charcoal tongs. The Aladin Rival 380 is at the unbeatable price of 69.90 euros. 


The most frequent questions asked by the zombies of Darnashop


How do you find the perfect water level for a shisha? 

There is no such thing as a perfect water level! Indeed, the water level is specific to each smoker depending on his way of smoking. Before starting your session, you will need to make a few adjustments on your hookah to get the water level you want. It should also be noted that the smaller the vase of your hookah, the less room you have to adjust your water level. So how do I know if my water level is correct? Before you put your coals on your shisha, you need to simulate your draft to determine if you have put enough water in your shisha vase or not.


Putting fruit in the vase: does that change the taste?

Yes, the fruits bring a real touch of freshness to the session. We recommend that you opt for powerful fruits or herbs such as mint, citrus, lime or watermelon.


Is tobacco better depending on the bowl you use? 

No, tobacco is not better depending on the bowl used. The hearth acts as a container for the shisha tobacco. However, the rendering of shisha tobacco will depend on the cooking method used. Some shisha flavors are better with a specific heat management system. For example, the famous double apple shisha tobacco is better with brohood than with Kaloud's heat management system.


What is the difference between the two kinds of Ways booster, the soft and the Strong?

The nicotine booster is available in two different intensities. With the Ways SOFT booster, you will have the same nicotine sensation as an Adalya type tobacco. As for the Ways STRONG nicotine booster, it reproduces the same sensation as a black tobacco such as Tangiers tobacco. However, the intensity of nicotine does not affect the taste or the amount of smoke. The Soft and Strong nicotine booster are essentially differentiated in feeling and power.


Is there an expiration date on tobacco? 

No, shisha tobacco does not have an expiration date. If your shisha tobacco jar is closed, you can keep it for a long time without any worries. When your shisha tobacco jar is open, we recommend that you close the jar tightly or opt for Tobaccovac airtight tins  


Discover the configuration of the Aladin Rival 380 hookah by the Darnashop team


katuro NYU

1. Katuro Nyu bowl special Kaloud Lotus

The Katuro Nyu is an economical head designed for short shisha sessions. The Nyu bowl will offer you a short but intense session with your Kaloud shisha! With this phunnel head, you can smoke any type of consumable: cream, gel, steam stones, tabamel Ways ...





ways williamsburg

2. Smoke shisha like a true Hipster with Ways Williamsburg  

The Ways Williamsburg shisha taste will transport you to Brooklyn's hippest neighborhood. Ways Williamsburg is an extra gourmet flavor that combines the strength of Italian green pistachio with the sweetness of pecan.




crème true cloudz

2. True cloudz cream for shisha spread at the back of your home  

True cloudz is a shisha cream that will blend wonderfully with your shisha tobacco. The True Cloudz Orient Express is a creamy cappuccino flavor! Spread a little Orient Express at the back of your fireplace, and add Ways Williamsburg on top, the result is stunning!






Did you miss the show? What equipments does with the Aladin Rival 380 provide? How do you find the perfect water level for a shisha? What are THE promo codes at the moment? How to get maximum smoke with Aladin Rival 380 hookah? How to prepare Ways williamsburg with truz cloudz cream? Here is the program!


00:00 : Live home page

4:50 : Introduction and presentation of the program summary

12:03 : New this week at Darnashop!

17:36 : What is the best tobacco substitute right now?

18:50 : What do we know about the new Kaloud V3 heating system?

19:40 : What about the Nano Box Epok hookah?

21:45 : PROMO Darnashop codes for maximum reduction!

25:06 : The metallic coloring effect with Ways Powder!

28:07 : How do you find the perfect water level for a shisha?

31:36 : Preparation of WAYS Williamsburg

32:30 : The magic mix with True Cloudz Orient express cream

34:50 : Is tobacco better depending on the bowl you use?

36:23 : What are the best hookah charcoals taking into account the harmfulness?

41:00 : Will the price of hookah charcoals go up?

42:49 : The Halloween photo contest and the cauldron game at the store

48:35 :  What is the first shisha brand to invent a diffuser?

49:46 : Putting fruit in the vase: does it change the taste?

51:02 : How to activate the valve function on a hookah with several hose outlets?

55:05 : What is the difference between the two kinds of Ways booster, the soft and the Strong?

57:10 : Is there an expiration date on tobacco?

58:28 : The test of the Aladin Rival

59:30 : Focus on the smoke produced by Aladin Rival

1:00:34 : What is the best brand of tobacco in terms of value for money?

1:01:55 : Should we recommend Katuro bowls

1:04:21 : Ways with True cloudz offers maximum smoke

1:06:00 : The draw!


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