Shisha gift: discover our special Christmas 2021 shishas selection


Are you looking for a shisha gift for your friend, your boyfriend or your brother? You are in the right place! Like every year, the puzzle of Christmas gift is back! To help you in your choice, we offer a selection of hookahs and accessories to put under the tree on December 25, 2021. Whether you are looking for a hookah offering a good quality / price ratio, a high-end hookah or hookah accessories for complete your hookah setup, you will surely find happiness.


Gift ideas for a smoker: our shisha gift ideas and accessories for Christmas!


At Darnashop, you will find several hundred hookahs, so how do you make the right choice? To help you choose your shisha gift for Christmas, we've put together a short list of our favorite shisha and accessories of the moment. Do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone or come and visit us at the Darnashop Lille store so that we can help you as best as possible in your search for shisha gifts!



Chicha Mr eds Boss e29

1. Mr Eds Boss E29 : cult turkish shisha offering thick white smoke

If you haven't lived in a cave lately, you've probably heard of the Turkish brand Mr Eds. This brand offers a large number of models (portable hookah, luxury hookah, etc.). The Mr Eds Boss E29 is one of the flagship models of the Turkish brand. It will be delivered to you with a silicone hose and a very nice handle. The Mr Eds Boss E29 hookah is for all smokers (beginners or experts) looking for a high-performance, atypical hookah that offers very good value for money. It is available in many original colors! The Mr Eds Boss E29 hookah is priced at only 99 euros.






Chicha Mantis EPOK

2. Epok Mantis : the shisha on stand with a modern design and at an unbeatable price at Darnashop!

The Mantis is a hookah from the brand Epok, specialist in hookahs and acrylic accessories. With its tripod, the Epok Mantis hookah has a trendy and original look and gives it perfect stability. The Mantis is very well equipped since it will be delivered to you with a silicone hose and an aluminum handle, as well as a high quality silicone bowl compatible with Kaloud Lotus. The Mantis hookah also has a diffuser to ensure a light and fluid draw. Inexpensive, efficient and complete, the EPOK Mantis offers a very attractive price / quality ratio! The Mantis hookah is priced at 69 euros.






Chicha Crystalia Elektra

3. Crystalia Elektra : multi-hoses hookah with a trendy look to share with friends

The Crystalia Elektra hookah is a multi-hoses hookah at a very competitive price. This model designed in aluminum will be delivered to you with all the accessories necessary to obtain a thick white smoke. The Elektra is supplied with its 4 hose connectors, a silicone hose with its aluminum handle. A fireplace set (with hearth and brohood type fireplace grate) is also included for the use of natural charcoal. The price of this little bomb with all its accessories? Only 99 euros! To discover the Crystalia Elektra in action, go HERE!






Chicha Aladin MVP 470

4. Aladin MVP 470 : high-end hookah with a very pretty vase with oriental motifs

The MVP 470 comes from the MVP hookah range from Aladin. The Aladin MVP 470 is a real gem with its incised vase which presents a decoration cut in the glass. This high-quality hookah is made of stainless steel (like all models in the MVP range), a sturdy material designed for intensive use. The Aladin MVP 470 hookah is also equipped with a 4-position adjustable diffuser, and an 18/8 column cut. A pipe and a chimney set for the use of natural charcoal will also be supplied to you with the MVP 470. This model offers a very good quality / price ratio. The Aladin MVP 470 is priced 99 euros.







Chicha scorpio smoke melody

5. Scorpio smoke melody : unleash your inner superhero with this special edition hookah

The Melody is a trendy hookah with a neat look that offers a very light pull. This inexpensive hookah is equipped with a silicone hose with an aluminum handle and a Kaloud Lotus compatible bowl. The Scorpio Smoke Melody is for beginners looking for a hookah that is easy to handle and inexpensive. Also available in Spider Man version and other original colors! The Scorpio Smoke Melody hookah is priced at 89 euros.






Chicha Wd Hokah four seasons

6. Wd Hookah Four season : high quality German hookah with 4 hose connectors

The Four Season is a stainless steel hookah designed to withstand heavy use. With this hookah, treat yourself to a solo session, for two, three or four, according to your desires. With its seamless hose connections, you will be able to connect any flexible silicone hose in no time. This sleek and elegant shisha also has an 18/8 column cut to add a molasses collector. The Wd Hookah Four Season is a real bomb when it comes to quality / price ratio. Treat yourself to a professional shisha for only 139 euros.







Chicha Dschinni Sparrow silver

7. Dschinni sparrow silver : Russian-inspired hookah supplied with a Nero Glass bowl

The Sparrow Silver is one of the latest small bombs from the Dschinni brand. This model reminds us of Russian hookahs with its column with grommet. However, the Dschinni Sparrow silver is equipped with the latest accessories. The Sparrow Silver hookah is equipped with a diffuser, a silicone hose, a carbon handle, a hose holder as well as a Nero Glass Eco glass bowl and a Volkan grid. The Dschinni Sparrow silver hookah is priced at 139 euros. 





Chicha oduman six pack

8. Oduman Six pack RS19 : hookah with astonishing purge and interchangeable column

The Oduman Six Pack hookah breaks all the usual codes of the Oduman brand. The originality of the six pack is its purge system with its 6 nozzles which evacuate the smoke. The Oduman Six Pack RS19 hookah has a column with a joint attachment that can also be used on all Khalil Mamoon type ringless vases. The Six Pack will however be delivered to you with the traditional Oduman white silicone hose and a hookah hose handle. The Oduman Six Pack hookah is priced at 169 euros. To discover the crash test of the six pack, go HERE!





chicha steamulation prime pro x

9. Steamulation Prime Pro X : the latest version of the German brand's compact model

The Prime Pro X is a small hookah designed to give you a unique hookah experience. This compact hookah incorporates all the characteristics of Steamulation hookahs such as the shape of the vase and the plate, as well as the Steamclick 360 system. The Steamulation Prime pro x will be delivered to you without accessories, hose or bowl. The Prime Pro X is priced at 279 euros. To discover our team's live test of the Prime Pro X, go HERE.





chicha MS azote

10. MS Azote :  hookah with a sleek design that will blend perfectly into your interior

La Azote is a hookah made entirely from laboratory glass. With its unmistakable look, the MS Azote will easily find its place in any interior. In addition to its design, the Azote is a high-performance and very well-equipped hookah. It comes with a silicone hose and its glass handle, a multi-bowls plunger rod (allowing you to connect any bowl) and a Kaloud Lotus compatible rod focus. The MZ Azote hookah is for all smokers looking for a hookah with a unique style and offering a very good quality / price ratio. La Azote is priced at 99 euros at Darnashop!






The essential accessories to complete your selection of Christmas hookahs

Manche Wookah bois et cuir

1. Treat yourself to a luxurious handle with the Wookah handle made of wood and leather!

The leather Wookah handle is made of noble materials (wood and leather). This elegantly designed hookah handle will go wonderfully with many hookah models. With the leather Wookah handle, treat yourself to a unique shisha configuration. The Wookah leather handle is available in many original colors and compatible with all silicone hoses sold at Darnashop!





Socle Mr eds + LED

2.  Decorate your shisha with the sublime MR EDS glass base with LED 

The Mr Eds base is a very nice glass support to put your hookah. With its 22 centimeters in diameter, the Mr Eds glass base is compatible with many hookahs (even the largest). In this pack, in addition to the Mr Eds base, you have a submersible LED! This sleek glass base will add a touch of elegance to your hookah!





pack colorant ways powder

3. Customize your hookah and enhance your Instagram photos with the Ways Powder pack! 

Ways powder is a powdered shisha coloring agent intended to color the water present in your shisha vase. With the Ways powder pack, you have 5 dyes for shisha including 1 free. Thus, you can mix the configurations of your hookah and enhance your Instagram feed. Many colors are available! And if you prefer the liquid version, go HERE!





foyer katuro NYU

4. Are you looking for an economical Kaloud head? Discover the Nyu bowl!

The Nyu is a low-smoking fireplace designed for short sessions (approximately 45 minutes). Made by the famous Japanese brand KATURO, the Nyu is a high quality handmade bowl. With its raised central hole, you can use any type of shisha taste: shisha tobacco, cellulose leaves, steam stones, jelly or even cream. The Nyu is a kaloud head that will go wonderfully with a large number of shisha.







5. Discover the best shisha flavors with and without nicotine with the Ways pack!

Ways is a tabamel made from cellulose leaves and flavored glycerin. The Ways shisha taste is available with or without nicotine according to your desires and in many flavors from the most classic (double apple, love 66, lady killer ...) to the most original (violet, lychee, peach ice tea ...). With the WAYS 4 + 1 pack, enjoy discovering or re (discovering) your favorite shisha tastes!





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