Guide to the best hookah bowl : how to choose the right shisha head?



There are many different kinds of shisha heads. At Darnashop, you will find hundreds of fireplaces, which can differ by their size, by their system of holes (vortex, phunnel, etc ...), by their capacity, by their material (glass, silicone, ceramic etc ... ). To help you find your way around, Darnashop offers you a guide to choosing the best hookah bowl that will suit your use.



Method of cooking, material of the hearth, duration of the session ... What is the best shisha hearth?


The choice of your hookah bowl is very important to obtain a thick white smoke. Indeed, the preparation of your shisha household is a crucial step in making a shisha. So what is the best shisha bowl? It depends on your use! 


1/ Choose the cooking mode you are going to use

The first thing to do in order to choose a shisha bowl properly is to determine which "cooking method" you are going to use for that hotbed. Depending on whether you plan to use aluminum foil, a Brohood fireplace, a Kaloud Lotus heat management system or even a Provost, you will need a completely different bowl. So how do you know if a fireplace is compatible with Kaloud or Brohood? You can't tell just by looking at an image, so you'll need professional advice. On the Darnashop site you have a filter system that will allow you to display only the type of bowl you want. You can also contact our advisers at any time by phone or email to check compatibility.


2/ Determine the length of the shisha session you want

Once you have chosen the cooking method, you have to ask yourself how long you want to smoke and how many people will be sharing the shisha. The head of your hookah is indeed above all a reservoir. The longer you want to smoke, the more you will need a large capacity head, capable of carrying a lot of tobacco. The more people there are around the hookah, the deeper the head will also need to be, because the tobacco will have less time to cool down and will be in constant demand. But beware, the larger the head, the more tobacco it consumes. It should therefore not necessarily be assumed that a large head will necessarily be better, because it may turn out to be too greedy in tobacco if you do not do long sessions. Here again, Darnashop has planned everything to guide you in your choice. In our "hotplates" section, you will find a filter allowing you to display the hookah heads by duration and help you select yours!

3/ Hookah bowl for tobacco or gel: the importance of holes

Depending on the type of substance you are going to smoke, it is also important to know which shape of the shisha bowl is best for you. Essentially, you have three types of focus: classic bowl, phunnel bowl, and vortex bowl.


The classic bowl is one of the very first bowls to appear on the hookah market. It is easily recognized by its rustic and sober look. They can also be quickly distinguished by the presence of their holes in the bottom of the bowl. Today, the classic bowl or traditional bowl has diversified and you can now find a large choice of colorful classic bowl. This type of bowl is not recommended primarily with very juicy tobacco such as jelly because this type of tobacco can quickly plug the holes in your bowl. Generally, this type of bowl is used for traditional preparations with classic shisha tobacco and aluminum foil or a fireplace type heating system.


However, today the range of shisha bowls has diversified widely in order to meet all expectations. Faced with the boom in shisha tobacco made from cellulose leaves, jelly, cream or stones, but also faced with the rise of new heating systems for the use of natural charcoal, new bowls have born!


Vortex and phunnel type bowls are the most common for Kaloud and Brohood heat management systems. The phunnel bowl is characterized by a raised central hole which allows good air circulation. The vortex bowl has a raised central hole with side holes added. With a vortex bowl or a phunnel, you can taste the most glycerinated tobacco such as ways, ice frutz or true cloudz cream for example. Very easy to prepare, the vortex and phunnel bowls are suitable for all types of smokers, whether you are beginners or experienced looking for a powerful aroma rendering.


4/ What is the best material for your hookah bowl?

The terracotta bowl is one of the very first hookah bowls. From now on, you will find less rustic earthenware bowls that have enameling at the bottom of the bowl so that the glycerin contained in shisha tobacco does not permeate the bowl. The terracotta bowl is the most widely used bowl for the brohood fireplace heating system.


The ceramic bowl is one of the best-selling bowls in the shisha market. This bowl is available for all heat management systems, provost, kaloud and even brohood. Easy to prepare and clean, the ceramic bowl is a must-have for all smokers.


Glass bowls are much less common than terracotta or ceramic fireplaces. The primary advantage of the glass bowl is its elegant design. The glass bowl goes wonderfully with any type of shisha. Another significant advantage, the glass bowl does not retain odors. Very easy to maintain, with the glass bowl, you can mix your shisha tobacco or shisha flavor to infinity. Attention, however, the glass remains a material which can break following a fall or a thermal shock (too fast hot / cold variation). The glass bowl is not particularly recommended for clumsy smokers.


The silicone bowl is a so-called “unbreakable” bowl. The silicone bowl is a shisha bowl that is frequently used when smokers travel. The advantage of the silicone bowl is of course that it does not break even when dropped. You can therefore go on a trip with peace of mind by putting it in your backpack. However, the silicone bowl will relax as it is used in the heat and although it cleans up very well, the aromas of shisha tobacco tend to permeate the silicone bowl. 

What is the best shisha bowl for kaloud, brohood, provost and prepa aluminum?

The best shisha bowl for Kaloud

The Kaloud Lotus heat management system is one of the most widely used on the market. New bowls for Kaloud hookahs regularly appear. The choice of your shisha kaloud bowl will be made essentially according to its depth and its material. We have selected three Kaloud bowls for you from our bestsellers, but there are many other Kaloud bowls. To discover our entire range of kaloud shisha bowls, go HERE!

Katuro YOKO

1. Best Kaloud shisha phunnel bowl : Katuro Yoko

The Yoko is a high-end bowl entirely handmade and manufactured by the famous Japanese brand Katuro. Phunnel type, you can use any type of consumable with the katuro Yoko: gel, cream, tabamel Ways ... With the Yoko, mix hookah tobacco and shisha flavors to the rhythm of your desires. Thanks to its small rim, your Kaloud heat management system will be well maintained during your shisha session. With its beautiful capacity, treat yourself to sessions of about an hour to an hour and a half. The Katuro Yoko fireplace is available in many trendy colors. The Yoko will give a real boost to all hookah configurations!





saphire fix

2. Best Vortex hookah bowl for Kaloud : Saphire fix 

The Saphire fix hearth has the same characteristics (same dimensions and same vortex system) as its predecessor (saphire number 5). The sapphire fix is ​​an economical bowl with original colors. With its small rim, your Kaloud Lotus heating system will be perfectly held in place on your head. Please note, if you use heat managament systems with larger dimensions such as the Ignis by Oduman, we recommend a shisha fireplace without lip.





Katuro FUJI


3. Best Kaloud shisha bowl for long sessions : Katuro Fuji

The Katuro Fuji bowl is an XXL head designed for long shisha sessions. With its very good capacity (about 30 grams of shisha tobacco), you can perform shisha sessions of over an hour and a half and without loss of quality. This luxury head is equipped with a rim which ensures perfect stability of the Kaloud Lotus heat management system. The Fuji head is available in 12 original colors under the sign of the zodiac.






The best hookah bowl for brohood fireplace system

The brohood is an open fireplace type heat management system. This heat management system is also mainly sold as a set (hearth + brohood) and included with many hookahs. Did you broken your bowl for brohood or just want a change? Discover our selection of the best bowls compatible with the "brohood" fireplace system. All bowls for Brohood are available HERE!

Nero glass PRO

1. Best Brohood shisha glass bowl : Nero Glass PRO

The Dschinni Nero Glass Pro is one of the most famous shisha bowl for brohood preparation in the shisha market. This borosilicate glass fireplace is of great beauty with impeccable finishes. It will be delivered to you with a selfex basket. There are several sizes of seflex (hookah tobacco basket), so you can choose your tobacco consumption. The larger the tobacco basket, the more shisha tobacco you consume and the longer your shisha session. The Dschinni Nero Glass fireplace is also available in a more economical version, but less resistant to shocks: Nero Glass ECO.





Katuro NAKA

2. Best glazed terracotta bowl for Brohood shisha: Naka

The Naka a premium head designed primarily for use with the brohood fireplace. The Katuro Naka fireplace is compatible with all fireplaces of similar dimensions to the Brohood, such as Colonial, Badcha, Dschinni Volkan ... ). The Katuro Naka fireplace is a high-quality handcrafted head made from a dense clay and covered with an enamel in order to waterproof it and to produce a tobacco cooking in the upper part as well as the lower part. The Naka is available in 12 colors!





foyer terre cuite

3. Best traditional terracotta bowl for Hotscreen gril

This terracotta bowl is used in association with the Hotscreen grill from Amy. Please note, this fireplace is not compatible with other fireplace grates. Usually, the hotscreen set is included with the various models of the Amy range. However, with the help of a hearth gasket, the terracotta hotscreen grill hearth is compatible with all hookahs. The traditional terracotta hotscreen grill hearth is a sturdy and economical head.






The best hookah bowl for Provost and aluminum preparation

The Provost heating system is particularly aimed at smokers of black or strongly nicotine tobacco such as tangiers tobacco or even tabamel ways with STRONG nicotine booster. The Provost is used in combination with natural charcoal. To discover all our fireplaces compatible with the Provost heat management system, it's HERE!

Katuro ASAMA

1. Best Provost shisha bowl for a short session : Asama

The Katuro Asama bowl is an economical head specially designed for tasting black tobacco with a Provost heat management system. The Asama is a high-end bowl made from high quality clay specially selected for cooking shisha tobacco. With the Asama head, treat yourself to an intense session with the most nicotine shisha tobaccos like Tangiers or Ways tabamel with STRONG nicotine booster. Each Asama bowl is coated with the Katuro brand stamp, attesting to its authenticity and its entirely artisanal character.






2. Best chicha phunnel bowl for Provost : Adalya ATH Arina 

The Adalya ATH Arina shisha bowl is a luxurious head specially designed for the Provost heat management system. This high-end fireplace is made by the famous Adalya shisha tobacco brand which is recognized around the world for its Love 66 and Mi Amor shisha tobacco. The Adalaya ATH Arina fireplace is handmade in Turkey. With its medium size capacity, you can enjoy a comfortable session. The ATH Arina head is available in several colors!





Foyer HC NEO

3. Best shisha bowl for alu and Provost prep : HC Neo Highfire 

The HC Neo Highfire is a robust bowl made by the Spanish brand Hispacachimba. To fully enjoy the performance of your HC Neo Highfire hookah bowl, use it in a configuration with natural charcoal directly placed on aluminum foil and a brohood fireplace tray overturned on top. This low-capacity shisha tobacco bowl is also compatible with the Provost heat management system. The HC Neo Highfire fireplace will be ideal for short sessions with light tobacco or black tobacco.





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