Doctor No vs Kaloud Lotus: choosing the right hookah heating system

Doctor No, but what is this prop straight out of a fictional movie?

Darnashop offers you a surprising new program with this futuristic looking heating system! Docteur No tries to compete with various systems already known on the market such as Kaloud and Brohood.

If you are a fan of marvel, you may have noticed its stark resemblance to the eye of Agamotto, a great wizard in the Marvel universe.

But besides its appearance, why is this new heating system talked about so much? Doctor No is a state-of-the-art hookah accessory. Brohood-type chimney systems are open systems and Kaloud-type systems are closed systems. Whereas, conversely, doctor no is a hybrid heating system which consists of a hood with openings.

Namely, the Doctor No heat transfer system is made of aluminum, a solid material that resists over time. However, we strongly advise against placing your heating system on your charcoal lighter plate! Wait a few minutes for your coals to heat up and place them using your carbon tongs in your Doctor No!

The Doctor No heating system designed by Apocalypse Hookah will go perfectly with modern hookahs or traditional hookahs.

Our team will test this futuristic new system live with you and answer all your questions: does doctor no give you intense smoke? Which fireplaces and hookahs are compatible with this low-cost hookah accessory? How to prepare the Doctor No system?

So, do you think this natural charcoal heating system will compete with the Kaloud Lotus or even the Brohood? Do not hesitate to leave us a comment!

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