Hookah, shisha, uqqa, hookah, shisha: what is a shisha?




What are the origins of chicha, uqqa, hookah, narguil, ghelyan…?

The origin of shisha is very controversial. Some researchers believe that the shisha appeared in East Africa, others in India. However, the emergence of shisha globally appears to stem from the emergence of teahouses and shisha tobacco in the Middle East. It was the Portuguese who introduced shisha tobacco to Iran at the beginning of the 16th century.


The term “hookah” comes from the Persian word (nârgil) which means coconut. Indeed, before modern techniques, hookahs were made from coconut. As for the term “chicha”, it comes from the Persian word (shisheh) which means in glass to designate the glass chichas. In Iran, this variant of shisha is called ghelyân or ghalyân.


The term shisha, ghelyan, and arguileh in Arabic, hookah in Indian, hookah in English, or chilam are all synonyms. Whether you use the term hookah, shisha, uqqa, narguilé… it always comes down to the shisha that you will find in your Darnashop shisha store in Lille.



What is a shisha? What is a hookah for?

Hookah, or shisha, is a water pipe used for smoking tobacco. Tobacco can be used in the form of tabamel (a mixture of cellulose leaves and flavored glycerin), jelly, steam stones and even in the form of cream. These different flavors for shisha will vaporize under the burning coals. The vapor produced by the flavored glycerin will allow you to make thick clouds of smoke with your shisha!



Description of a shisha: what are the elements of a hookah?

A shisha, uqqa, hookah or a hookah? They are all generally made in the same way either: a vase which serves as a container to put water, a column, a plunger, a pipe, a hearth which is used for shisha tobacco and a heating system (kaloud, brohood fireplace, etc.) for natural charcoal or aluminum (for use with self-igniting charcoal).


Today, the shishas have greatly modernized. Indeed, hookahs are made of many materials: laboratory glass, stainless steel, sturdy acrylic, wood, aluminum ... Many accessories also complete your configuration such as the hookah fireplace, the toasting (kaloud, brohood ...), the handle (glass, carbon, wood, leather ...), the shisha taste (stones, tabamel, jelly, cream ...), the charcoal for shisha. ..The supply of shisha is very varied in order to satisfy the greatest number of smokers!




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In your shisha store in Lille, you will find the biggest brands of shisha: Quasar, Kaloud, Epok, Oduman, Aladin, Amy Deluxe, Ways, Lokomotiv ... Your shisha store in Lille offers you a wide choice of models. by luxury shishas, ​​travel hookahs or even inexpensive hookahs. Darnashop Lille offers you a wide range of trendy accessories at a very attractive price: hookah hose, hookah bowl, natural charcoal and self-igniting charcoal, decorative LED, carrying case, hookah taste ...


At Darnashop Lille, you will also find a large number of shisha flavors: steam stones, cream, jelly, shisha flavors made from cellulose leaves, flavored glycerin ... in order to meet expectations. the most demanding smokers!


In your Darnashop Lille store, each salesperson has several years of experience and will be there to advise you in the choice of your hookah and accessories, in the preparation of your hookah to obtain a thick white smoke ... and many other themes. around shisha, electronic shisha or even electronic cigarettes!


Where is the Darnashop Lille hookah shop located?


We invite you to meet at 2, rue du Priez (next to Lille Flandres station) to discover our wide range of hookahs and hookah accessories! We are open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. non-stop! We also deliver within 24 hours! 

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