Kaloud or Brohood: which is the best heat management system for hookah? 


Regularly, we are asked what is the best heat management system between the kaloud or the brohood. These heat management systems replace the aluminum foil by offering you a smoother session with natural charcoal and optimal cooking of your shisha tobacco. The goal of these heat management systems is to make your shisha session easier by regulating the heating of your natural coals. In this program, Julien presents these two heat management systems, their weak points and their strong points. We are lifting the veil on the two most popular natural charcoal heat management systems among shisha smokers.


Presentation of the two most popular heat management systems in the shisha universe


The main difference between the Kaloud heat management system and the brohood fireplace grate is that the burning of shisha tobacco is not the same. Although the two heat management systems are designed to give you optimal cooking of your shisha tobacco, the combustion of the tobacco and the rendering in flavor will be very different. For example, when you smoke a double apple shisha tobacco, the result will not be the same depending on the heat management system used.


Kaloud Lotus One plus, the luxurious and precise heat management system


The Kaloud Lotus heat management system is a closed heat management device manufactured by the American brand KALOUD. The Kaloud Lotus One Plus is an aluminum heat management system designed to optimize the use of natural charcoal. The lotus one plus acts as a receptacle for natural charcoal and transfers the sufficient amount of heat (no more and no less) so that your shisha tobacco is ideally consumed. With its small hood and dial, you can easily manage the air flow and thus precisely determine the heat of your natural coals.


The best hookah tobacco for kaloud lotus

The Kaloud Lotus one plus is a heat management device that is aimed at beginners, but also shisha experts who want to enjoy intense heat with ease. With the Kaloud lotus, you can be sure of having a successful shisha session without the risk of burning your shisha tobacco. The Kaloud Lotus One plus offers a very soft finish on the throat. The Lotus one plus is therefore ideal in association with fruity shisha tobacco such as hookah taste with melon or with red fruits.


Preparation of the kaloud lotus

The preparation of Kaloud lotus is very simple, place your shisha tobacco in your bowl, and put on top of your Kaloud heat management system. When your coals are ready, drop them in your kaloud lotus one plus. We invite you to watch our video tutorial on the preparation of the Kaloud lotus: “How to properly prepare the Kaloud?”.


Bowls for Kaloud lotus 

The Kaloud Lotus one plus heat management device is compatible with a large number of bowls for hookah available on the market. To learn more about the bowls for kaloud lotus, go HERE!


The different “Kaloud” heat management systems

By the way, today you will also find a large number of “kaloud type” heat management systems. Many brands of shisha have been inspired by the famous Kaloud heat management device such as Oduman with the Ignis Venus or even Skull with the Power V2.


Darnashop advice for Kaloud

The Kaloud Lotus one plus is an aluminum heat management system, it should NEVER be preheated on your charcoal heater. Be patient, your charcoals must naturally heat your heat management system.


Brohood, the traditional and authentic heat management management


The Brohood is a heat management screen that consists of a hood, a strainer and a metal rod. The principle of this so-called “chimney” system is to transmit the heat of natural coals by conduction.


The best tobacco for Brohood

Unlike the Kaloud, the chimney offers an intense and robust throat finish. Its primary role is to enhance the shisha tobacco in the throat. In combination with a brohood fireplace, we recommend shisha tobaccos with character (or traditional shisha tobaccos) such as the famous double apple, pear-based or grape-based shisha flavors.


Preparation Brohood 

Regarding the preparation of the brohood fireplace, it is a little more complex than the Kaloud heat management device and requires some adjustments. When you smoke with a brohood, you are the one in charge of your heat. The closer your natural coals are to the central rod, the more powerful the heat will be! We invite you to watch our short video on brohood preparation: “Brohood fireplace heating system: the complete preparation tutorial”


Bowls for Brohood

The brohood heating system is not compatible with all bowls. To learn more about bowls for Brohood, go HERE!


The different “Brohood” heating systems

Just like the so-called “brohood” fireplace grill, you will find the Aladin Mockingbird grill or the Volkan Dschinni heating grill. Please note, not all bowls are compatible with these heating systems!


Darnashop Advice for Brohood

In order to take full advantage of all the qualities of your heat managament system, we recommend that you carry out a first blank session. Simply put your natural coals on your sieve (without using shisha tobacco) and let your coals burn for about 30 minutes in order to burn any manufacturing residues.


Today you will find a large number of heat management system on the market. Many brands have been inspired by the Kaloud Lotus heat management system and the Brohood fireplace. These two heat management systems offer a very different flavor rendering and offer you two very different ways to smoke shisha depending on the shisha tobacco used. 


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