How do I make my shisha tobacco with Adalaya mix glycerin?


Who has never dreamed of taking back control of their shisha tobacco and preparing their own mixtures? With Adalya glycerin and 7-element molasses, it's possible! In this special live, the Darnashop team explains to you what are the applications of flavored glycerin, whether you use it with tobacco, stones, or even in an electronic cigarette! What is the role of glycerin in shisha tobacco? Can we put glycerin in an electronic cigarette? What are the instructions for use of glycerin for shisha? Why do shisha steam stones often burn the throat? Can you mix different flavors of glycerin together? The answers to all your questions are live!




Whether you smoke Adalya tobacco, Al Fakher or the like, they are all made the same way - cut tobacco leaves and glycerin. Glycerin is also present in all hookah taste regardless of their form (cream, jelly, cellulose sheets). Thus, true cloudz cream or ice frutz jelly also consist of flavored glycerin. Glycerin is a common element in all shisha tastes and shisha tobaccos.


But what is glycerin?

Glycerin is the element that will give you smoke during your shisha session. Without glycerin, you won't have smoke. Glycerin is a 2 in 1 element, on the one hand for the smoke and on the other hand, it serves as a support for the aroma. The glycerin will evaporate under the heat of your charcoals and thus create a thick white smoke. Glycerin can be in a more or less liquid or slightly viscous form.


Adalya Mix flavored glycerin

Adalya Mix vegetable glycerin is made by Adalya, the famous Turkish shisha tobacco manufacturer. Adalya Mix flavored glycerin is available in all the most popular flavors of the shisha universe (Love 66, double apple, grape-mint ... and many other flavors). There are many possible uses for Adalya Mix. This nicotine-free molasses can be used as a liquid for shisha and electronic cigarette.

Seven Elements glycerin

Seven Elements Glycerin is made up of glycerin and flavorings intended for use in a shisha bowl in combination with steam stones or shisha tobacco. Seven Elements Glycerin is available in many flavors, from the most classic (peach, melon, coconut, etc.) to the most original (guava, 12-year-old whiskey, rose petals, etc.). All you have to do is vary the pleasures according to your desires!


Adalya Mix Glycerin and Seven Elements can be used in any shisha tobacco (Adalya, Al Fakher ...). When your shisha tobacco becomes too dry, do not hesitate to add a little flavored glycerin to restore all its flavors and obtain thick clouds of smoke. Flavored glycerin can also be used in many steam stones such as shiazo stones, pure volcano stones or even Amy stones.



1/ First step: add Adalya Mix glycerin to your jar 

The first step is quite simple and accessible to all smokers (beginners or experts). When you buy a pot of Shiazo type steam stones, you can see that the glycerin in the pot is quite low. In order to obtain a thick white smoke, you can add Adalya Mix or Seven Elements glycerin to the pot of steam stones. You should also add glycerin to your pot when your steam stones are neutral (like Volcan Pures stones) or after your shisha session.


2/ Second step: let your preparation act for at least 24 hours 

A rest period of 24 hours (minimum) is necessary so that the flavored glycerin Adalaya mix (or seven elements) permeates your steam stones well. The more Adalya Mix glycerin you add, the thicker clouds of smoke you will get during your session.


3/ Third step: put your preparation in your hookah bowl 

As with all shisha preparations, come and drop your shisha taste in your bowl. In order to optimize the rendering of your steam stones with Adalya mix flavored glycerin, we recommend a phunnel type hearth (with a raised central hole). Find all of our “phunnel” bowls HERE!

4/ Fourth step: heat your natural charcoals

Shisha preparations which consist of steam stones and flavored glycerin require powerful heating. In order to obtain an optimal result, you will need to opt for powerful natural charcoals such as Lokomotiv K26. 


5/  Fifth step: enjoy your shisha session and clean your stones

Once your shisha session is launched, all you have to do is enjoy! Once your shisha session is over, all you need to do is rinse your steam stones with clean water and dry them (in an oven for 20 minutes at 180 degrees, for example). And repeat this prep process over and over again!


Making your own shisha tobacco is a very economical way to smoke shisha. With Adalya Mix Steam Stones and Glycerin you will get thick white smoke at an unbeatable price. So what are you waiting for to make your homemade shisha tobacco?

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