Ways powder : the coloring powder for shisha with metallic effects


How do I make colored smoke with my shisha? It is not yet possible to color the smoke of your shisha... However, it is possible to color the water in the vase of your shisha and create beautiful effects with WAYS Powder, the new metallic effect dye. Find out how to prepare WAYS powder to get the best results! Follow the tutorial to prepare WAYS powder for shisha!


Presentation of the glittery powder for hookah base : WAYS powder 

The WAYS powder is a dye for shisha in powder with metallic effects. This dye will not change the taste of your shisha and is absolutely safe (it is food grade) but will enhance your hookah and whet your appetite by giving a sublime hue to your hookah base. Ways Powder Shisha Dye creates a textured metallic effect that is revealed every time you smoke. The swirling action of your draw sets the colored particles in motion for a fascinating decorative effect! Don't be fooled by WAYS powder, you won't get colored smoke! To date, there is no shisha accessory that allows you to make colored smoke with your shisha.

Put on the dye color in powder in my hookah base! How to prepare the ways powder to get a nice result with my hookah?

1/ Step 1: Choose the color of your ways powder

The ways powder glitter dye is available in several colors. In the ways powder range, you can find green, turquoise, yellow, orange, but also blue, gold and many other colors! So what is your favorite ways powder color?


2/ Step 2: Add the powder to your hookah base

We recommend that you add the ways powder BEFORE you put the water in your hookah base in order to get a thicker and more raised effect in your vase. We recommend that you put a small tablespoon (depending on the capacity of your shisha vase and the desired intensity) of coloring powder in your vase.


3/ Step 3 : put the water in your hookah base

Once you have added your coloring powder to your shisha vase, all that is left is to put water in your vase. In order to properly dose the water in your shisha, you can watch our video tutorial on the subject, "How to set the perfect water level in your shisha?"


4/ Step 4 : Stir your hookah base and make a big smoke!

Once you have put water in your vase, all you have to do is stir your vase so that your ways powder mixes perfectly with the water. The ways powder can be used in any shisha! Light your shisha coals, put some shisha flavor in your fireplace and start your 100% colorful shisha session!


pack ways powder

Ways Powder 4+1 free : your metallic shisha dye at a great price!

With the ways powder 4+1 pack, you get 5 shisha dyes for the price of only 4 dyes. The ways powder pack allows you to make original pictures. The ways powder dye is declined in several pep colors. By buying the ways powder pack, you are sure to buy your shisha dye at the best price. All you have to do is choose your favorite colors!



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