Our opinion on the Koundelitch hookah: design hookah in acrylic!


The Koundelitch is a chicha with a very original design. Existing in 3 different shapes (square, rectangle or round) the Koundelitch does not look at all like what is usually done in the world of shisha. But didn't EPOK sacrifice everything to design, and while making a nice looking shisha, did they also make a good performing shisha for smoking? That's what our testers will discover in this video! How stable is the Koundelitch shisha? What accessories come with the Koundelitch? Where does the strange name of this shisha come from? Isn't the acrylic fragile? Can you make a big smoke with the Kundelitch? Can we add a diffuser? Which head can I put on the Koundelitch? All the answers to your questions are in the show...!

Presentation of the Koundelich shisha by EPOK : cheap shisha with a unique design

Focus on the Koundelich shisha and its 100% original look

The Koundelich shisha is a hookah with a unique and trendy design. The Koundelitch is made of strong acrylic by the brand EPOK, specialist of plastic shisha and accessories. The Koundelitch comes in three original shapes: square, round and rectangle. Its vase is made of an acrylic shell closed by two plates that also serve as a stand for the device. The Koundelitch does not have an ashtray to accentuate its modern look. With its atypical design, the Koundelitch shisha does not go unnoticed and does not look like any other shisha. Trendy and modern, the Kudelitch shisha also offers remarkable performance.


Test of the chicha Koundélitch EPOK

In addition to its 100% original and trendy design, the Koundelich shisha offers very good performance. With its compact vase, you will obtain a thick white smoke in all simplicity. Easy to handle, the Koundeltich chicha is for all smokers looking for a cheap chicha that offers a big smoke. You will also be able to completely evacuate the smoke from your vase with its ultra-modern valve.


What equipment does the Koundelitch EPOK come with and what is its price?

The Kundelitch shisha will be delivered with all the necessary equipment to obtain a big smoke. The Koundelich hookah is equipped with a high flow silicone hose, a very nice carbon handle, a hose spring for maximum comfort during your session...but also a high quality kaloud compatible silicone firebox. However, with its standard size connectors, you will be able to connect any chicha heater with your Kudelitch chicha, and any silicone pipe. You will be able to vary your configuration according to your desires! A large tic tac charcoal tongs is also included with the kundelitch to allow you to handle your chicha charcoals safely. 



Koundélitch rectangleKoundéltich carréKoundélitch ronde



Kundelitch FAQ: all the answers to your most frequently asked questions about Kundelitch shisha

Where does the name Kundelitch come from? Reference?

Some of you may have guessed it, the name of the "Koundelitch" shisha is inspired by a cult movie. Yes, the Koundelitch shisha is a reference to the French movie "Les trois frères". Did you guess it?

How stable is the Kundelitch?

As mentioned above, the Kundelitch shisha is made of a plastic shell with two plates which gives it a perfect stability.

How difficult will it be to clean the Kundelitch?

When it comes to cleaning your Kundelich shisha, you have nothing to worry about. You can easily remove the stem of the Kundelitch shisha and insert a brush from the top to clean your vase. We recommend you to buy a flexible brush to clean all the corners of your Koundelitch vase.

Round, square or rectangle Kundelitch: A matter of style?

Whether you choose a round, square or rectangle Koundelitch shisha, you'll get the same performance. No matter which style you choose, with the Kundelitch shisha, you'll get a big, white smoke with no effort.

Is it easy to take the Kundelitch on a trip?

The Kundelitch is an ultra-compact and very shock-resistant shisha. So you can take your Kundelitch everywhere with you and slip it easily into your backpack or a shisha case...and without the risk of breaking it!

Tips for making your Kundelitch shisha last

As with all chichas, never use water that is too hot! Acrylic chichas do not like hot water. To avoid damaging your Kundelitch shisha, don't use abrasive products or sponges that are too stiff. Use the soft side of your sponge to avoid scratching your Kundelitch shisha.


Pack Koundélitch

Special offer Koundélitch : buy your koundéltich at the best price with this special offer Koundélitch!

With this special offer Koundélitch, you buy your koundéltich hookah at the best price of the market. This spécial offer Koundéltich include hookah with a unique design, a hose and a silicone bowl for Kaloud. You have too one kilo of natural charcoal, heat management system and a dye Ways colors! 





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00:00 : Live homepage

8:32 : Introduction and summary of the show

12:30 : The puffs lands at Darnashop

16:20 : The silicone bowl EPOK

17:39 : Special Offer Hooky 2021: buy your hooky at best price!

19:33 : The EPOK T1 et T2 suitcases

26:20 : Coupon codes

32:40 : Glass hookah or acrylic hookah : advantages et disavantages

37:22 : Where does the name Koundelitch come from? Reference?

39:40 : How do the ARC V2 rings work?

42:20 : Koundelitch round, square or rectangle: A matter of style?

44:12 : What metal is the ARC V2 made of?

49:11 : How stable is the Koundelitch?

49:38 : Don't it be difficult to clean the Koundelitch?

52:20 : Which shisha flavors are recommended for Christmas parties?

59:01 : Does silicone give a bad taste to a shisha bowl?

1:00:00 : Is there a ventilation setting on the ARC system?

1:07:51 : Check out the smoke power of the Koundelitch!

1:10:00 : Is the smoke different depending on the choice of the Koundelitch model?

1:10:58 : Focus on the "pressure cooker" valve of the Koundelitch

1:11:30 : Our opinion on the Koundelitch at 59 euros with all its accessories!

1:13:50 : Can we easily take the Koundelitch on a trip?

1:14:40 : The plate is not essential on all chichas!

1:17:52 : Tips for using your Kundelitch chicha to last

1:18:53 : The game of the best question

1:20:50 : The live draw!

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