Hookah cleaning guide: how to properly clean your hookah?


Cleaning your hookah is a must after each hookah session. Cleaning your hookah will allow you to eliminate the taste and any residue after your hookah session. It should be noted that a well-maintained hookah allows you to extend its life and preserve the quality of taste at each session. The cleaning of your hookah is done in several steps. To properly maintain your hookah, your vase, your bowl, your hose or your other shisha accessories, you will need some materials. We are going to reveal you all our tricks to clean and maintain your shisha and your shisha accessories.


The equipment you need to properly maintain and clean your shisha: what are the essential accessories to properly clean my shisha?


As for equipment, you will need very few accessories to clean your shisha. However, remember to bring a basin, a sponge, some washing-up liquid and a few essentials, including the following non-exhaustive list:


> Column brush

> Brush for hookah base

> Schmand Weg cleaning powder for your glass vase


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Steps to clean your shisha and remove all the dirt: how to remove all the residue embedded in my shisha?


1/ Dismantle the shisha (or hookah)

The first step to clean your shisha is to disassemble the various parts of your hookah (column, vase, plunger, hose ...). Thus, you will have to remove your hose, your hearth (and the seal unless you have a silicone hearth), the plate, unscrew your column and your plunger. We invite you to take all precautions when handling your shisha and accessories! Also be careful not to lose your valve balls or other small parts!


2/ Empty and clean the hookah bowl

To clean your bowl, you must first throw away your chicha tobacco or shisha flavour! You can then pass your bowl under clean water to remove the last residues. If the glycerine contained in your shisha flavour remains stuck to the bottom, you can use a soft sponge. If you use a household product such as dishwashing liquid, rinse your hookah bowl thoroughly. Do not clean your shisha bowl immediately after your shisha session, as you may break it! We invite you to let your bowl cool down (even more so if it is a glass bowl) in order to avoid a thermal shock (hot/cold variation too fast).


3/ Clean the heat management system

When it comes to cleaning your heat management system, whether you use a kaloud, a provost or a brohood, the principle of maintenance remains the same. Cleaning the heat management system is very simple. After your session, simply rinse your heat management system with clear water, rub lightly with a sponge if necessary and then dry it! Concerning the Quasar Raas thermal head, discover below how to clean a glass bowl.


4/  Wash the shisha hose

The cleaning of a shisha hose is very simple and within everyone's reach. To clean your shisha hose: put water in your hose, then plug both sides by making movements from right to left in order to remove any residue stuck inside. Then, empty the water in your hose and hang your hose (ends down so that your hose dries well).


*Please note that not all shisha hoses are washable. Make sure your hose is washable or you may damage it over time. If you have any doubt, please check the product sheet of the concerned hose. 


5/  Clean the shisha base

You may see a whitish trace forming on the inside of your hookah base. Contrary to what we often hear, this is not a trace of limestone, but a carbon deposit from the ashes of your charcoals. To clean this carbon deposit, we recommend using a proper vase cleaning brush and scrubbing well with water. If you have a glass base, find out below what product we recommend to clean your glass base.

6/ Clean the column and plunger of the shisha

In order to properly clean your column and plunger, you will need a special brush for shisha columns. Insert the cleaning brush into your column and then into your dip stick to remove any residue. Then rinse well and dry your column and your dipper.

7/ Clean the seals  

To clean the seals of your shisha, nothing could be easier! Simply rinse your shisha seals with clean water.


Glass shisha cleaning guide: how to clean a glass shisha, a glass hearth or a glass plunger?


1/ How to clean a glass bowl? Can I use bleach?

To remove the deposits that have formed on your glass bowl, pour bleach and water into a container and soak your bowl for several hours. Remember to rinse all parts thoroughly when using bleach so that you don't leave any stray odors at your next session.


*When handling a glass bowl or a glass vase, beware of thermal shock (hot/cold variation), you could break your vase or your bowl. We invite you to let your accessories cool down before cleaning them and not to use too hot water!


2/ How to clean a glass plunger? And the diffuser?

To remove the bits of chicha tobacco that have slipped into your immersion rod, you have an adapted chicha brush and rub vigorously. Be careful, however, not to go too far with your brush, you could damage your diffuser. To remove any residue on your diffuser, you can use a small toothpick.


3/ How to clean a glass chicha vase? With white vinegar?

As explained above, the deposit present on the vase is not a trace of limestone but a carbon deposit produced by the ashes of your coals. Using white vinegar will not allow you to remove this carbon deposit. If you cannot remove the ash residue with the vase cleaning brush and water, we recommend using the Schmand Weg cleaning powder. To use this powder, nothing could be easier. Pour your mixture into your shisha vessel, shake and let it work. You will need about two teaspoons for one liter of water.


You now know all our tips for cleaning your shisha and all your shisha accessories. All that's left is for you to take action and enjoy your shisha session! And you, what are your tips for maintaining and cleaning your shisha and accessories?

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