Idées cadeaux pour fumeurs 


Gift ideas for smokers: what gift to give to a smoker? 


You are search original gift for a smoker? Discover all our ideas gifts for a smoker and every price! We have put together a wide selection of gifts for smokers at every price. Chicha, electronic chicha, travel bag, complete chicha kit, personalized accessories for chicha...there is something for everyone! You will find gift ideas for smoker at less than 30 euros, less than 50 euros but also chicha gift ideas at less than 100 euros, and great gift ideas for smoker at less than 150 euros! You can also contact our team (by mail or by phone) for 100% personalized advice and come and visit us at our Darnashop store in Lille!


Our selection of gifts for smokers: shisha, e-chicha, travel bag, personalized gift... for all budgets!


Cadeau chicha

1. Trendy gift for smokers : the hookah

In order to satisfy the greatest number of smokers, you will find a wide choice of shisha at Darnashop from traditional shisha to more modern shisha. But also shisha lounge, transportable shisha and hookahs for all budgets. On the Darnashop online store (but also in store), find cheap shisha, and luxury shisha! Among our wide selection of shisha, it is obvious that you will find the shisha to your foot. Remember to use our filters (brand, transport, size and price) to help you in your selection of shisha.


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    • Mr Eds Rocket E17

      119 euros


    • Koundélitch

      59 euros


    • Aladin MVP 360

      89 euros



pack chicha


2. Shisha gift box: the special offers

And if you opt for a complete gift box shisha? With our shisha packs, you can be sure to buy your shisha and shisha accessories at the best price! We offer a wide range of shisha gift packs to satisfy the greatest number of smokers. Thus, you will find kits shisha ready to use, boxes of taste shisha at low prices, packs of accessories shisha trends ... and many other gift boxes! Our shisha packs are designed with our best references in terms of hookahs and accessories for shisha and at an unbeatable price.


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    • Pack sortie E23

      149 euros


    • Pack Oduman N5 Junior

      145 euros


    • Pack Sobo

      55 euros



cadeau chicha électronique

3. Gift for connected smokers: electronic shisha


Looking for a gift for an up-to-the-minute smoker, a shisha addict or someone looking to quit smoking? Discover Hooky electronic shisha. But what is an electronic shisha? Easy to hold and design, the Hooky electronic shisha is an ultra-trendy pocket device. Hooky electronic shisha will easily slip into your pocket or bag and follow you everywhere! Hooky e-shisha work on a cartridge system very practical and easy to use. Hooky slim, Hooky classic or Hooky Royal, Hooky electronic shisha are for all shisha lovers.


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    • Hooky Classic 2021

      80 euros


    • Pack Hooky Slim

      79 euros


    • Hooky Royal 2021

      120 euros



cadeau chicha personnalisé

4. Personalized gift for smokers: custom accessories

Looking for a personalized shisha gift? Discover all our accessories for chicha custumisation: aluminium handles, glass handles for chicha, original handles (cigar-shaped), fun molasses collectors (skull, disco...), trendy charcoal tongs (batman, punisher...), LEDs to light your chicha, but also dyes to tint the water in your vase...and many other original accessories!


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    • Récupérateur Disco

      25 euros


    • Katuro Fuji

      24 euros


    • Ways Colors

      5 euros



Mallette de transport

5. Gift for the traveling smoker: the carrying case 

Opt for an ultra-practical gift with our selection of carrying cases and travel bags. These carrying accessories have been specially designed to protect and transport a shisha and accessories (charcoal, firebox, heat management system, shisha taste) safely. The shisha storage cases are available in several sizes to accommodate almost any shisha on the market. For those who prefer travel bags for convenience, there are also different sizes. Discover all our shisha accessories for travel!


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    • Mallette de transport T1

      39 euros


    • Mallette de transport T2

      59 euros


    • Dschinni chicha bag

      35 euros



carte cadeau chicha

6. Gift for all occasions: the DARNASHOP gift card

With the Darnashop gift card, you are sure to offer the ideal gift. Very easy to use, the Darnashop gift card is valid on all our website for one year. Quick and easy to order, you choose the amount and the way of sending. The Darnashop gift card is the gift for all occasions (Christmas, birthday...) that fits your budget!


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