Special Christmas edition: gift ideas and test of the Mantis Epok shisha!


To end the year on a high note, Darnashop offers you a special show. In this live Christmas edition, the Darnashop team offers you a ton of gifts to win. For this occasion, Cortex has sublimated the set with a very nice decor and Julien has filled his sack with many gifts. During this new Darnashop live, the team will test the Mantis by EPOK shisha. We also reveal the latest promo codes and answer all your questions!


Special Christmas edition: tons of gifts to be won and many shisha gift ideas for latecomers

The live Darnashop Christmas edition is an opportunity to win numerous gifts from a wide selection (shisha and shisha accessories). But this Christmas special is a selection of gift ideas for all budgets! To discover our best shisha gift ideas for Christmas, go to our complete selection for Christmas 2021! Chicha packs, electronic chicha, chicha, chicha accessories... Darnashop offers hundreds of gift ideas! And if you hesitate, choose a sure value by ordering the Darnashop gift card!

    • Mr Eds Rocket E17

      119 euros


    • Koundélitch

      59 euros


    • Aladin MVP 360

      89 euros


Presentation of the Mantis by EPOK shisha: a designer shisha on a tripod at a very low price


Focus on the 100% original design of the Epok Mantis shisha

The Mantis shisha by EPOK is a very original shisha mounted on a metal base. This carefully designed shisha seems to be suspended in the air by its metal base, which highlights the simplicity of its lines. Specialist in innovative plastic materials, the EPOK brand offers here a shisha that is both elegant, efficient and at the same time very affordable.


Test of the Mantis EPOK shisha: how to get a big smoke with the Mantis?

If you are tired of breaking your shisha and want to get a nice dense smoke without breaking the bank, the Mantis EPOK will undoubtedly meet your expectations! The Mantis shisha is easy to handle and comes complete with all the necessary equipment for all smokers, even beginners.


What equipment is included with the Mantis EPOK shisha and how much does it cost?

The Mantis EPOK comes with all the equipment you need to get a great smoke and at an unbeatable price. The Mantis EPOK chicha is equipped with a silicone hose, a large charcoal clamp, a diffuser to ensure a smooth draw... but also a silicone head compatible with Kaloud Lotus. The Mantis EPOK is a high-performance shisha with a unique design and an affordable price! The Mantis Epok shisha has nothing to envy to its colleagues. The Mantis EPOK shisha is available for only 69 euros at Darnashop! Feel free to watch our short video presentation of the Mantis by EPOK chicha below:



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