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E-cigarette Puff: the disposable electronic shisha in pocket size!  


For some time, the puff electronic shisha has been making the buzz on various social networks (tik tok, instagram ...). But what is this disposable pod? We make light on this e-cigarette more commonly known as "puff". What is a puff? How long does a puff last? What are the best tastes of this disposable pod? Can we reuse the puff? How does the puff work? How much does it cost? Does the puff make a lot of smoke? We answer all your questions about this new must-have product for all smokers!

Introducing the PUFF: the disposable vape that carries your favorite shisha flavors!

Definition of a puff: what is a puff? Electronic cigarette or electronic shisha?

The term "PUFF" is an anglicism that means "puff". A puff is the result of the vaporization of a shisha or electronic cigarette (as we would say of a "taffe" for a traditional cigarette). At Darnashop, you will find a wide choice of disposable vapes to satisfy the greatest number of smokers.


Zoom on the puff, this new disposable pod trendy on social networks

The puff is a disposable vape that will easily slip into your pocket or handbag. This new e-cigarette has become a must for all smokers (shisha and electronic cigarette). The Puff disposable vape is a perfect mix between the electronic shisha and the electronic cigarette. The puff is a disposable pod very economical. Unlike its competitors (classic electronic cigarette and hooky slim), the puff is not filled with liquid, does not refill and does not work with cartridges. As soon as your puff is finished, you simply throw it away. This allows you to vary the flavors according to your desires. The puff disposable vape is also available with or without nicotine to address a wider audience.

The puff disposable pod available with or without nicotine

The puff e-cigarette is for all smokers (smokers of traditional cigarette, electronic cigarette or shisha). Very easy to use, practical and cheap, the puff disposable vape is accessible to all smokers. The puff is a new way of smoking that is for everyone! This e-cigarette is available without nicotine (for non-smokers), but also with nicotine (for smokers). With the puff, you choose your nicotine level!


How does a puff work: How do I use my puff? Do I need to recharge my puff?

The operation of a puff is very simple and does not require any equipment. The puff electronic shisha does not require a recharge, like Hooky electronic shisha or electronic cigarettes. The puff is a disposable pod that does not have a button either. When you inhale into your puff, it will automatically trigger. Then the liquid in your puff evaporates. There are different puffs, puffs with nicotine, puffs without nicotine but also disposable vapes containing 600 puffs and electronic cigarettes containing 700 puffs.

How long does a puff last? What is 700 puffs in a puff?

A puff does not have a precise lifespan. The life of a puff depends of course on your use. At Darnashop, you will find disposable vapes containing about 600 puffs and others of about 700 puffs. A disposable vape is equivalent to about two packs of conventional cigarettes. The puff is therefore a disposable pod very economical. 


Why buy a puff? Where to buy a puff? 

The puff disposable vape has many advantages. The puff does not require charging on mains (no more forgotten chargers). You won't need to refill your puff with flavored liquid or with a cartridge either, since this pod is disposable. The puff is also easy to use and to take in hand since it does not have a button. You will also not need to clean your vape knowing that it is disposable. But then, where to find this trendy disposable vape? The puff is available on our website but also at our store Darnashop Lille in more than 30 flavors!


Puff cookiePuff fruit de la passionPuff pêche


your favorite flavors of shisha tobacco: what are the best flavors of puffs?


At Darnashop, we offer a wide range of flavors to satisfy the largest number of smokers. Puffs are available in over 30 flavors, from the most classic to the most original! Thus, you will find flavors of tobacco shisha cult as the grape, double apple, Hawaii, fresh mint ... but also more original flavors such as cooky, iced watermelon, iced peach, iced lychee, cola, energy drink ... and many other tastes are to discover at DARNASHOP!


1/ Puff Green apple

Green apple. The apple is one of the most consumed fruits in France. Juicy and slightly tart, the green apple is a must. Your green apple puff will give you all the energy you need to face a new day.

2/ Puff Peach Ice 

Frozen peach. Juicy and sweet as can be, the peach is a timeless fruit. Your disposable peach pod will transport you to summer. With your peach ice puff, fill up with vitamins and sunshine.

3/ Puff Cola 

Cola. With the cola puff, give yourself a moment of coolness with one of the most famous drinks in the world, the coca cola. With your disposable cola vape, serve yourself a big cool glass of cola cola with a few slices of lemon for maximum freshness!

4/ Puff Grape ice

Grape ice. Grapes are one of the most cultivated fruits in the world. The iced grape puff offers a tonic, tasty and very fresh taste. In addition, the grape flavor is a very famous flavor in chicha tobacco. All you have to do is enjoy your iced puff grape!

5/ Puff Cooky

Cooky. With the cooky disposable vape, (re)discover the gourmet flavor of this small chocolate chip cookie, originally from the United States, containing chocolate chips. To accompany your disposable cooky pod, opt for a large glass of milk! 


Pack puff 5+1 gratuite

Free Puff 5+1 : cheap puff with the free puff 5+1 pack!

The 5+1 puff pack allows you to buy your disposable pod at the best price on the market. When you buy 5 disposable vapes, you get a free puff of your choice. With the 5+1 puff pack, choose from the best shisha tobacco flavors! So what are you waiting for to order your puff at a low price?



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