Happy New Year 2022 and test of the El Badia M5 shisha!


For this first show of the year, the team presents its good resolutions, its wishes for 2022... But also discover the new El Badia M5 shisha, the promo codes of the moment, the backstage of the last TIK TOK in partnership with "les vilains barber" and the answers to all your questions!

Presentation of the new El-Badia M5 shisha with its slender silhouette: materials, equipment, performance... and its price!

Zoom on the El-Badia M5 shisha and its chic and trendy look 

The M5 shisha is the latest model designed by the El-Badia brand. With this new trendy and design model, El Badia strikes hard. Indeed, El-Badia is known for offering shisha with an unbeatable quality/price ratio such as the Céleste Junior shisha, the Céleste C1 or the C5 shisha. The M5 shisha is without doubt the most elegant shisha of the brand.


The M5 is a medium-sized shisha with a very clean look. With its resin column and refined design, the El-Badia M5 shisha does not go unnoticed. The M5 shisha will look great in a contemporary or modern living room. The valve of the M5 is hidden under the shisha plate, which gives the shisha column a sleek look. The M5 shisha is made of stainless steel, a very noble material designed to last over time. As for its column, it is covered with an epoxy resin.

Test of the El-Badia M5 shisha

In addition to its high quality materials, the M5 shisha also has very good performance. The El-Badia M5 hookah is equipped with a diffuser that gives it a light and quiet draw. When you purge your shisha, the smoke escapes under the plate and flows down the column, giving a very nice visual effect. Easy to handle and compact, the El Badia M5 shisha will become your ally for your daily sessions.


The equipment provided with the El-Badia M5 shisha and its price

The El Badia M5 shisha comes with a washable silicone hose and a beautiful handle to match the column. The M5 shisha is sold without a bowl or heat management system, which leaves you a wide choice of configuration. You can smoke with a kaloud, a brohood or even add a quasar raas to your shisha. You can vary the pleasures! As for its price, the El Badia M5 shisha is priced at 139 euros.



El badia M5El badia M5 purgechicha el badia M5



The good resolutions, wishes and shisha destinations of 2022...What are the team's good resolutions for this year?

Buy a new shisha, order a luxury shisha, renew your shisha accessories, travel more often, smoke shisha in Marrakech, discover the best shisha bars in the United States or in Istanbul...What are your good resolutions for this year 2022? In any case, we can tell you that for this year 2022, we foresee a lot of surprises! So stay tuned! 

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