Spring for hookah hose: What is it for and how do I connect it to my shisha?


With the advent of silicone hookah hoses, many hookahs now come with a spring as. Amidst the many parts that make up a shisha, many of you are wondering what the spring does and how to connect it, especially as the majority of shisha sold on the market have no instructions for use.


How the hookah hose spring works: What is the purpose of the hookah hose spring?

Fortunately Darnashop is never short of advice and has put together a short video tutorial to help you understand the function of the hookah hose spring and how to install it. The purpose of the hose spring is to prevent your shisha hose from bending. The weight of the hose and its length causes the silicone hose to sag and bend. This prevents the smoke from flowing through the hose and thus considerably impedes the enjoyment of smoking.

How do I connect the hookah hose spring to my hookah hose?

By placing the shisha spring around the end of the hose, you will prevent the hose from bending and gain a lot of flexibility and mobility of the hose... The spring is an essential accessory especially for sharing a shisha with friends and avoiding spillage! If your shisha is not equipped with a spring for pipe, this small accessory ultra practical cost only 3 euros at Darnashop.

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