Presentation of the Mr EDS Junior Champion E36 shisha


Mr Eds is a Turkish brand known for its quality models. The Mr Eds brand offers a wide range of models: transportable chichas with a carrying bag, stainless steel chichas... It can sometimes be difficult to find your way through all these chichas with very similar names and in the middle of all these numbers that look the same! To help you in your choice, we have decided to offer you a little spotlight on a rather unknown model of the Mr Eds range, the E36 shisha. Let's discover the Junior Champion E36 shisha by the Turkish brand Mr Eds!


Unboxing of the Mr Eds Junior Champion E36 shisha


The Mr EDS E36 is a compact model that does not lack qualities and offers surprising performances at this very attractive price level. Our uncompromising analysis will give you a clear idea of all the aspects of this current shisha. Design, equipment, value for money, performance, we have prepared a very complete analysis of the Mr EDS E36 shisha. Our team of experts will also give you their feedback on this compact model after having tried it! We couldn't form an honest opinion without having tested the Mr Eds Junior Champion E36 shisha.


Focus on the Mr Eds Junior Champion E36 shisha and its design

The Mr Eds E36 is a stainless steel hookah designed for regular use. The compact E36 is a design model, robust and with impeccable finishes. The Mr Eds brand has not skimped on the details. All the parts of the Junior Champion E36 have been carefully thought out by the manufacturer. We can see a very nice engraving on the stainless steel ring of the E36 shisha, a solid steel hearth connector and not forgetting the resin column with amazing patterns. The Mr Eds E36 is a very stylish hookah with its subtle mix of colours and chrome.


Test of the Turkish shisha Mr Eds E36

Don't be mistaken by its size, the Mr Eds E36 shisha has nothing to envy to other models. The Mr Eds Junior Champion E36 shisha offers amazing performance. At 40 cm, the Mr Eds E36 is one of the best compact shishas on the market. With its small dimensions, the E36 shisha will also be very easy to carry when you travel. You can easily slip it into your backpack to smoke on the beach or at a friend's house, for example.


The equipment supplied with the Mr Eds E36 shisha and its price

The Mr Eds Junior Champion E36 comes with a silicone pipe with a metal handle. The E36 shisha is also equipped with a diffuser offering a light and fluid draw. The little extra that we really like about this small chicha is the included canvas bag which is very practical to carry around. Like the vast majority of Mr Eds chichas, the Junior Champion E36 has a discreet purge located on the ring. The model ring conceals a clever purge system that gives the column a sleek look and allows the smoke to be expelled vertically with a very nice visual effect.


The Mr Eds Junior Champion E36 is an easy to handle model. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in shisha, the Mr Eds E36 is a must-have hookah from the Turkish brand. This compact shisha is also available in several original colours. Remember to use the slider on the product sheet to discover the photos of all the models.

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