Presentation and test of the Majordome Dandy Glass hookah


DANDY GLASS is a brand new French brand of glass shisha that aims to bring the use of laboratory glass in the world of hookah back into fashion. Borosilicate glass (commonly known as "laboratory glass") is a type of glass that is heat resistant and can therefore be used in fireplaces, rods, plungers, or shisha vases, without fear of being damaged by the heat of the coals.

Unboxing of the Majordome Dandy Glass hookah


The DANDY Glass Majordome is a perfect example of the value of glass in shisha making. The aesthetics are absolutely sublime, with transparency and a wide variety of colours. The DANDY GLASS chichas allow you to see the smoke forming in the vase, the flow of the streams, the swirls... you are in the front row of the functioning of the device!


Focus on the Majordome shisha and its design

The Dandy Glass Majordome is a modern glass hookah. This irresistible looking glass shisha does not go unnoticed with its solid and sturdy glass vase. The beauty of glass is evident in the Majordome's sublime vase, but also in its exceptional Spleen handle! But beyond its great beauty, glass is also very practical as the DANDY Glass will not require any joints and will therefore be easy to use! The pipe and valve connect in an instant, simply by sliding them into the connectors. The fire rods fit directly into the body.


Above all, the Majordome is a very hard-wearing shisha. Forget your preconceived ideas that glass is a fragile material, DANDY GLASS chichas are extremely resistant and contain no metal parts, no glued rings, no joints or fragile connections. They are therefore able to withstand the ravages of time and repeated sessions, even more than a stainless steel shisha for example.


Test of the Majordome Dandy Glass shisha

The DANDY Glass Majordome shisha reveals all its class when used. The laboratory glass has the property of not retaining the taste of the previous session. This results in an extraordinary fidelity in the rendering of flavours, even when you smoke several different flavours in succession. In addition to this preserved taste comes the pleasure of a dense and intense smoke. The nervous and fluid draw of the Majordome makes it an exceptional chicha that offers great pleasure of use. The flavours are powerful, distinct and the smoke is simply enormous. DANDY GLASS has succeeded in its challenge!


The shisha accessories supplied with the Majordome shisha and its price

The Majordome glass shisha is a complete hookah that comes with all the necessary equipment, including a washable silicone hose and a beautiful Spleen glass handle worth €24.90. The Majordome is also equipped with a diffuser to provide a light and fluid draw, a glass immersion rod and a multi-focus immersion rod. You can connect any chicha heater to your Majordome thanks to the multi-fire rod.

The Majordome Dandy Glass Shisha also has a seamless 18/8 size hose connector allowing you to connect your silicone hose easily, as well as a glass valve. Last but not least, the Majordome Dandy Glass shisha is delivered in a large cardboard box. The box of the Majordome chicha has an ingenious foam system to protect each part of this glass chicha and thus considerably limit the risk of breakage during transport.


The Majordome Dandy Glass shisha is a luxurious model offering very good performance. The Dandy Glass Majordome is a glass shisha that will appeal to the largest number of smokers with its complete equipment, its modern design and its unbeatable quality/price ratio. The Majordome is a very easy to handle glass shisha with a thick white smoke. The Majordome Dandy Glass Shisha is also available in several original colours!

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