Glass shisha : Our selection of the best glass hookahs


Faced with the wide range of hookahs, it can be difficult to make a choice. Between aluminium hookahs, stainless steel hookahs, large hookahs, travel hookahs and glass hookahs, how to choose the right hookah? Do you want to go for a glass hookah or are you still hesitating? We'll tell you why you should choose a glass hookah and which are the best glass hookahs!

Choose my glass hookah : why buy a glass hookah? 

Various glass : classic glass, laboratory glass and crystal 

There are several types of glass, the best known being laboratory glass (or borosilicate), crystal and classic glass. Glass hookahs are most commonly made of classic glass and laboratory glass. Borosilicate glass is known for its resistance to thermal and physical shock. Laboratory glass is more robust than conventional glass. Crystal glass is known to be very thin but is generally quite expensive. Whether you choose a chicha made of classic glass, laboratory glass or crystal glass, the taste experience will be authentic.


Why choose the glass?

The main advantage of glass is that it is a material that does not retain odours. So with a glass hookah, you will get a very tasty taste. Glass does not retain any spurious flavours, and therefore does not alter the taste of your shisha tobacco. In addition, glass chichas are very easy to clean. Another advantage of glass hookahs So you don't have to worry about the sealing of your glass shisha. Glass hookahs are modern designs that offer great performance. Check out our top 5 best glass hookahs of the moment!


Our top 5 of the best glass hookahs : what is the best glass hookah?


Dandy Glass Alambic PURPLE

1. Dandy Glass Alambic : shisha with unbeatable value for money

The Alambic by Dandy Glass is a 100% glass hookah offering great value for money. The Alambic is a compact 30 cm high shisha that will be delivered with a heat management system, a multi-focus rod, but also a washable silicone hose with a very nice glass handle matching the colour of the shisha. The Alambic Dandy Glass shisha is a small bomb offering a light draw, easy to handle and at a price accessible to all! 





2. MS Azote : iconic glass tank hookah

The MS Azote is a 100% glass hookah with a remarkable finish. The MS Azote is easily recognisable by its atypical shape. The MS Azote has a contemporary look with its beautiful glass base with a gear-like design. The Azote shisha is equipped with a multi-focus rod, a focus rod, a diffuser and a shisha pipe with a glass handle included. The MS Azote is a compact 30 cm high model that will appeal to a wide range of smokers. 




Dandy Glass Majordome PETROL

3. Dandy Glass Majordome : High-end shisha with an irresistible look

The Majordome shisha is a luxury 100% glass shisha offering great performance and flavour. The Dandy Glass Majordome shisha comes complete with a Kaloud Lotus rod, a multi-focus rod, an integrated diffuser and a pipe with a twisted glass handle to match the shisha. The Majordome Dandy Glass shisha is a luxurious hookah that will deliver a large smoke output. 





4. Mr Eds Tugla E15 :  Elegantly designed shisha with wooden tray

The Mr Eds Tugla E15 is a travel shisha from the Turkish brand Mr Eds. The Mr Eds Tugla E15 is a tank-shaped hookah on a beautiful wooden tray. The Mr Eds Tugla E15 travel shisha comes with a carry bag, a diffuser, a wooden stand and a pipe with an aluminium handle. The Mr Eds Tugla E15 is a hookah with an original design that offers a large smoke output.




Oduman N5 Junior

5. Oduman N5 Junior : Cult shisha from the Turkish brand Oduman

The N5 Junior shisha is an essential model of the Turkish brand Oduman. The Oduman N5 Junior is a travel chicha on a tripod. This small shisha with a modern design will be delivered with a diffuser and a pipe. The Oduman N5 Junior is a portable shisha that is easy to handle. The Oduman N5 Junior is a cult hookah in the travel shisha category that offers great performance.





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