WD Hookah: presentation of the brand's new models!

In this new show, the Darnashop team presents the new hookahs from the German brand WD Hookah. WD Hookah is a premium hookah brand. All models are made with high quality materials.

WD Hookah, the luxury German hookah brand

The German brand Wd Hookah has made a name for itself in the hookah market by offering high quality models at an affordable price. WD Hookah offers a wide range of Stainless Steel hookahs (stainless steel column) with crystal clear vases. WD Hookah hookahs have remarkable finishes. These high-end models have not gone unnoticed in the world of shisha. During this new darnashop live, we present the WD Hookah Submariner hookah and the sublime WD Hookah Four Seasons hookah, the two new models of the brand!

WD Hookah Submariner and WD Hookah Four Seasons: Stainless Steel hookahs at a low price

The Submariner hookah and the Four Seaons therefore consist of a stainless steel column and a crystalline glass vase with oriental motifs.

Regarding the WD Hookah Four Season hookah, it has 4 hose connections unlike the Submariner hookah. The WD Hookah Four Season is the ideal hookah for sharing sessions with others, friends or even alone!

As for the WD Hookah Submariner shisha pipe, it has a purge hidden directly in the ring, which gives it a very clean design.

What equipment is provided with these two models and what is their price?

In terms of equipment, the Four Seasons hookah is sold naked either without a fireplace or a pipe. As for the Submariner hookah, it is also sold naked. Both models are priced at 139 euros.

With WD Hookah hookahs, you can be sure of a quality, high-performance hookah at the best price. Thanks to their premium materials, WD Hookah hookahs are designed for intensive use. Luxurious, elegant and efficient are the key words that determine WD Hookah hookahs!

Be sure to watch our replay to see the Wd Hookah Four Seasons shisha pipe in action!

So what do you think of the new WD Hookah shisha pipes?

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