Kaloud Lotus heating system: how to prepare my Kaloud properly

Presentation of the Kaloud Lotus, the innovative heating system

The Kaloud is a term frequently used in the chicha world. But what is really a Kaloud? This high-performance heating system was specially designed in the United States to replace aluminium.

More practical and more economical, the Kaloud Lotus is an accessory that makes it much easier for you to use your natural charcoal. The Kaloud acts as a heat receptacle and provides excellent combustion of your coals. But how do you use this Kaloud heating system?

Using the Kaloud Lotus

How do I prepare my Kaloud heating system?

The preparation of the Kaloud Lotus is very simple. This heating system consists of two parts. At the bottom of the Kaloud, add your natural charcoal which has been previously lit on an electric or gas hob. The second part of the kaloud is the bonnet which will be used to regulate the heating of your charcoal so that you can profit from an ideal shisha session.

Which fireplaces are compatible with this heating system?

There are a large number of fireplaces compatible with the Kaloud Lotus. Glass, terracotta or even silicone fireplaces, the Kaloud fits many fireplaces. There is a wide choice of fireplaces including cascada, glassbowl fix, sapphire fix, samsaris vitria 2... Make your choice!

Which coals are used with the Kaloud Lotus 1+?

With the Kaloud heating system, forget about the lighter to light your self-igniting charcoals when using aluminium. The Kaloud lotus is used with natural charcoal, so you will need a charcoal-lighter plate for example. However, we would like to warn you to NEVER place your Kaloud directly on top of your charcoal heater, as this could damage it!

Tom cococha 3 blocks, tom cococha premium gold, fresh coco supreme, charcoal 320° El badia, king coco triange, you have a wide choice of natural charcoal. You can use 2 or 3 cubes of natural charcoal of 25 mm, or you can use the "pre-cut" charcoal specially designed for the Kaloud.

The Kaloud Lotus is very easy to use, and is suitable for a large number of households and is therefore compatible with many chichas. The Kaloud Lotus is a heating system that quickly raises the temperature and provides perfect combustion of the coal. Moreover, thanks to its small knurl, you can also fine-tune the airflow and thus the combustion of your natural charcoal.

So what do you think of the Kaloud Lotus? Are you more Brohood, Aluminium, Kaloud, Provost? Do not hesitate to leave us a comment!

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