Starbuzz Tobacco :  where buy it? What are the best flavours?


Starbuzz, the international shisha tobacco brand 

Starbuzz is a famous manufacturer of hookah tobacco all in the world. Founded in 2005, starbuzz invaders the market of hookah with quality products.  


Starbuzz offers of hundreds of flavours like the cherry and sweet flavours like Cotton Candy and Apple Cinnamon in order to satisfy the greatest number of smokers. The taste of the Starbuzz Tobacco is a sweet taste, fun and modern. Without the tobacco, Starbuzz offers a range of e-cigarettes, e-liquides, of charcoals and also hookahs. 


Some mythicals flavours of hookah tabacco Starbuzz


Starbuzz offers a lot of hookah tobacco. The tobacco Starbyzz is avalaible in 100 gr, 250 gr and 1 kilo. For you help in your choice, we have created a selection of the best hookah tobaccos Starbuzz. 

1/ Starbuzz Blue Mist 

Blueberry and Mint. The bluebberry is the flavour the most famous in the world. The tobacco Starbuzz Blue Mist offers a mix of blueberry and a note of cold mint. The mint is slight and enhance perfectly the blueberry.

2/ Starbuzz Blue Surfer

White Grappe, blueberry and mint. At the open of your box of Starbuzz tobacco, discover a pleasant smell of tropical fruits. Starbuzz Blue Surfer is a blend of white grape, pineapple and blueberry. The blue surfer will provide you with thick clouds of smoke throughout your session! 

3/ Starbuzz Code 69

Sweet berries and Lemon. The Starbuzz tabacco Code 69 offers a cocktail of fruits slight acidulous. The code 69 is a mix of tropical fruits. The tabacco Starbuzz code 69 is a real invitation to travel with its tropical notes. 

4/ Starbuzz Geisha

Melon, peach and mint. The Starbuzz tobacco Geisha is a mix of peach and of melon with cold mint notes. The peach is prevailing the others fruits in this tobacco.

5/ Starbuzz Melon Blue

Melon and mint. The Starbuzz tobacco Melon Blue is a mix some flavours the most famous at Starbuzz. Melon Blue is a mix of the Blue Mist and of the flavour Safari Melon Dew. The Starbuzz Melon blue is intense and tasty.

6/ Starbuzz Mighty Freeze

Lemon and mint. The Starbuzz Mighty Freezz is the last one of the range Starbuzz Bold. The taste Mighty Freeze offers of bitterness notes with the lemon and a little freshness with the cold mint. The mix of the lemon and the mint are very stunning.

7/ Starbuzz Passion Fruit

Passion fruit. The starbuzz passion fruit is a fruity and fresh tobacco. The tobacco Passion fruit is very refresh. The starbuzz tobacco passion fruit will also mix very well with other tobaccos with tropical flavors, but also with lime!

8/ Starbuzz Pirate's Cave

Coca Cola and Lemon. The starbuzz tobacco Pirate's cave has a creamy and juicy consistency and a very sweet aroma. His flavor and his taste make you think at a marguerita with lemon. The starbuzz pirate's vace is famouse for his sweet flavor.

9/ Starbuzz Sex On The Beach

Vodka, red berries, lemon and orange. With the starbuzz tobacco sex on the beach, we find the same flavor that the cocktail sex on the beach. The sex on the beach offers a sweet mix of citrus. 

10/ Starbuzz Wild Mint

Wild mint. The wild mint in the starbuzz tobbacco offers a flavor of sweet mint. This tobacco of hookah is very refresh and you can be it smoke all the year.


What was the first idea for the Starbuzz brand and how did it become established in the market? What are the different products manufactured by the Starbuzz brand? Where is Starbuzz tobacco made? How to buy Starbuzz tobacco at the best price? How much does a kilo of Starbuzz tobacco cost? Can you smoke Starbuzz tobacco with any heat management system? What are the best tobacco flavors of the Starbuzz brand? What are Starbuzz Steam Stones worth? What are the different ranges of starbuzz tobacco and what are their particularities? Can you make a big smoke with Starbuzz tobacco? All the answers to your questions are on the show ... and if this is not the case post your questions in the comments!


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