Brohood fireplace heating system: the complete preparation tutorial


In this new video, we give you some tips to become an expert on the preparation of your Brohood type fireplace heating system. Brohood fireplace hearths are the most common on the market with Kaloud Lotus type systems. These devices bring you an intense heat during your shisha sessions.


The preparation steps for the brohood fireplace heating system


1/ Commission your fireplace heating system

For all fireplace heating systems (Brohood, Colonial, Badcha ..), it is necessary to carry out a first vacuum heating. To do this, all you need to do is put your fireplace system on the hearth and heat your coals for about 30 minutes. This time is necessary in order to prowl your system. Note that this operation only needs to be done once during the first break-in!

2/ Prepare your shisha bowl for brohood

When your fireplace system is ready, all you have to do is prepare your fireplace! Start by mixing your tobacco or hookah flavor well to prevent it from getting too dry or too wet. It is important to never tamp it down when filling your fireplace in order to let your tobacco (or shisha taste) breathe. If, however, you are a beginner (or an expert but want to save on tobacco!) And want to master your preparation, we recommend that you use a seflex tobacco basket.

3/ Place your natural charcoal on your Brohood heating system

Then, all you have to do is place the fireplace on your hookah and place 3 cubes of natural charcoal by sticking them to the central rod. Then let your shisha preparation heat up and check every two minutes or so. When your preparation is ready, move the coals away from the stem of your fireplace. Note that the closer your coals are to the central rod of your chimney system, the more your tobacco will heat up and vice versa

4/ Relax and enjoy your Brohood shisha session

Towards the end of your shisha session, bring your natural coals closer to the stem as they lose their intensity. If you have mastered your heating, you can even relaunch a new batch of coals ... Relax! The most frequently asked questions for using a Brohood heating system! 


The most frequently asked questions for using a Brohood heating system


1/ What is the best bowl for the brohood fireplace?

In association with the brohood fireplace, there are a large number of compatible bowls including the KATURO Naka, Nero Dschinni, Dschinni Nero Glass or the Adalya ATH Azra bowl...

2/ What is the best charcoal for this fireplace? 

In order to get the maximum performance from your Brohood heating system, we recommend powerful natural cubed charcoal such as Lokomotiv K26 or tom cococha gold. 

3/ Is my hookah compatible with brohood?

Technically, all hookahs are compatible with the brohood fireplace. You just need to have the right bowl!

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