Oduman N2 travel hookah test: a cheap pocket hookah!

Do you know the concept of our focus videos? If not, here's a quick reminder! At Darnashop, we offer many shisha crash test videos! In these short videos, the team tests new trending products from the shisha universe. The products are rated on four criteria: design, equipment, use and value for money!

In this new shisha video, we present the Oduman N2 travel shisha pipe: a travel shisha (as its name suggests). The Oduman N2 travel is a small hookah, ultra compact and easily transportable to enjoy a hookah session at the beach with friends, for example!

Ready for the crash test of this little Oduman hookah?

01 /: A model of Oduman hookah with a classic and refined design

Oduman is a Turkish shisha brand that breaks the codes of the traditional shisha universe by offering modern and robust shisha pipes with complete equipment.

The range of Oduman hookahs is rich in models of different shapes and sizes: N2, N3, N4, N5 and others to discover HERE!

Today, we choose to present the Oduman N2 travel hookah (the little sister of the Oduman N2 hookah) to you.

This model has exactly the same exterior design as its big sister, the Oduman N2, but in a miniaturized version. The Oduman N2 travel vase is handcrafted in glass, so we can see some finishes that can still be improved. The plate is made of stainless steel, a material resistant over time.

02 /: The N2 travel, a fully equipped hookah

Space-saving, the mini Oduman is 20 cm high and comes with all the necessary equipment.

This inexpensive hookah consists of only 3 parts: the vase, the plunger and the plate. It will therefore be very easy for you to assemble it! A silicone hose and an aluminum handle complete this hookah model.

His little extra? the Oduman N2 travel shisha pipe is sold with a transport bag specially designed for travel!

03 / A hookah that is easy to use and offers great performance

Easy to use, the N2 travel is aimed at beginners as well as shisha experts. Make yourself comfortable on the beach or by the pool, fill your vase with water and prepare your fireplace!

A little tip: to know the quantity of water to put in your Oduman N2 Travel hookah vase, use the immersion rod (the water must protrude about 1.5 cm above the plunger).

As mentioned above, the Oduman N2 travel is sold with a diffuser, so the draft is smooth and silent. In addition, the N2 Travel hookah is a small format hookah, the smoke travels a shorter path: the smoke is thicker when it comes out!

Note that the N2 travel is a shisha model without a ring, which makes purging very easy and complete.

The Oduman N2 travel is a hookah designed for travel. However, it has good stability and can therefore be used in a living room.

04 /: The Oduman N2 Travel offers excellent value for money

Treat yourself to a travel shisha with great performance and complete equipment for less than 80 euros! A cheap pocket hookah that will quickly become a must have at home!

We invite you to watch the short video to know the Darnashop editor's notes on this little shisha.

So where did you go with your N2 Travel hookah? Do not hesitate to leave us a comment!

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