How to adapt another bowl on the El badia P1 portable hookah?

In this new shisha video, the Darnashop team shows you how to adapt another focus on the El Badia P1 shisha.

The P1 portable hookah has been very successful since its release. You've probably already seen this pocket hookah shaped like a thermos. The P1 has a reversible fireplace allowing you to smoke with natural charcoal or self-igniting charcoal, as you wish. If you do not want to use the fireplace of the P1, it is also possible to adapt another fireplace to put a brohood heating system or a Kaloud Lotus, for example.
Before revealing the Darnashop trick to you, we would like to inform you that this was not at all intended by the manufacturer!

1 / Prepare the necessary material to change your home
To replace the hearth of your hookah, you will need a smooth hose connector (be careful, we insist on the fact that your connector must not be with a strip).

2 / Integrate the connector on the transportable hookah
To do this, insert your smooth hose connector at the top of the immersion rod of your P1 hookah.

3 / Position your focus on P1
We recommend that you use a bowl with a silicone foot to ensure the stability of your shisha bowl. However, you can also adapt a terracotta, ceramic or even glass fireplace. You will just need a gasket to fit another fireplace. Take all your precautions to avoid breakage.

Subsequently, you can therefore adapt a Quasar Raas thermal head, a Brohood heating system and even a Kaloud Lotus!

4 / enjoy your shisha session
With your Quasar, your brohood or your kaloud, relax and make a nice thick smoke.

We invite you to watch this short video to follow the step by step of this shisha tutorial. We hope you enjoyed this new tutorial, and we'll meet up for a new video soon.

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