Hookah Wookah: overview of the high-end hookah with wooden column


Where does the Wookah shisha brand come from? Who is behind this brand? What is the difference between the original Wookah range and the Wookah Colored range? Can we put a molasses collector on a Wookah shisha? How to clean a Wookah shisha? As wood is sensitive to water, aren't Wookahs fragile? Can we put a diffuser on a Wookah hookah? How are the Wookah hookahs drawn? Are Wookah hookahs stable? What level of water to put in a Wookah? We answer all your questions in this live DARNASHOP!


The Wookah shisha, a luxury hookah made from rare wood species


The Wookah Colored and Original hookahs are made by the Polish brand Wookah. The Wookah brand got a real boost in 2015 when the work of the firm from Poland was recognized by the general public and Wookah hookahs were voted product of the year 2015 at the international hookah show in Frankfurt. We distinguish two ranges of hookahs: Wookah Colored and Wookah Original.


Focus on the Wookah Original hookah, the historic model of the Polish brand


Wookah Original hookahs are the first hookahs to be designed by the Polish brand Wookah. The idea for this original range comes from two students looking for a hookah with an original design with quality materials and good performance.


The Wookah Original hookah consists of a wooden column, hence the origin of its name. Each model corresponds to an original wood species. The purpose of Wookah hookahs is to keep the spirit of the original wood in each column. The structure, grain, flexibility, hardness, color and roughness of the original tree are not only restored but even enhanced by the craftsmanship of the Wookah teams.


Each type of wood having different characteristics, each Wookah column will have different reflections and finishes, making each Wookah model unique. Wookah Original hookahs exist in several variations, be careful to select your column wood and your vase!


What is the difference between the original Wookah range and the Wookah Colored range?


The Wookah Colored range offers hookahs with a colored wooden column. These original hookahs have particularly neat finishes. These high-end models are unique and will appeal to the most demanding shisha collectors.



What accessories are sold with Wookah hookahs? 


Wookah hookahs are sold naked, that is to say they are sold without accessories included, no pipe, no fireplace and no heating system. This leaves you with a wide choice of configurations!


What is the price of the Wookah shisha?


The Wookah Original hookah is priced at 345 euros. As for the Wookah Colored hookah, it is offered at the unbeatable price of 299 euros.


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