Amy Xpress hookah, Quasar, Nexit : design your ideal hookah pack


For the broadcast of this Friday, January 22, you, the Darnashop subscribers are in the spotlight. And yes, the Darnashop team invites you to interact in order to design your 100% personalized shisha pack. At Darnashop, we offer you quality shisha packs at the best price all year round. These packs are designed entirely by our teams in order to offer you the best equipment compatible with your hookah. El-Badia, Aladin or Oduman, all the shisha brands are in the spotlight in our shisha packs. During this Darnashop live, we also take the opportunity to present and test the AMY Xpress S hookah.


Review of the Amy Deluxe Xpress SS30.02 hookah


The Xpress S330.02 is a shisha pipe with a contemporary design, sold complete with a high flow shisha hose, a chimney set, a charcoal tongs and even a hook to store your shisha hose. The little extra that will be appreciated on this stainless steel hookah is its 18/8 column cut which allows the addition of a molasses collector. With its purge integrated directly into the hookah column, the AMY DELUXE Xpress S will win you over with its touch of originality, good performance and solidity.


Buy the Amy Xpress S hookah is to treat yourself to a hookah with beautiful finishes, complete equipment and at a low price.


Every other Friday, we also take the opportunity to share shisha news and discuss shisha news. And we can say, this week, that the news in the world of shisha has been turbulent with the death of Eric Hofmann, founder of the brand Tangiers.


Tangiers, the American brand of black tobacco


On January 17, 2021, the world of hookah is turned upside down following the death of Eric Hofmann, a pillar in the world of hookah. Founder of the American brand Tangiers, distributor of shisha tobacco. Tangiers offers 4 ranges of tobacco. The first original range of Tangiers, black tobacco offering more than 50 original flavors. Tangiers Burley tobacco is the "strongest" nicotine tobacco of the Tangiers brand. The Birquq line offers a lower nicotine content. As for the F tobacco range, the F-Line is the only Tangiers tobacco range with caffeine. Besides tobacco, Tangiers is also hotbeds of phunnel and charcoal.


We cannot put Tangiers tobacco in our shisha packs, but we offer equally interesting substitutes in terms of flavor.


Shisha travel pack, Oduman shisha pack, special shisha offers


In fact, the idea of ​​a shisha flavor pack with different ranges came up several times. So why not make a mix with true cloudz, nexit and Ice frutz cream?


We also had some shisha pack ideas with the brand new Steamulation prime pro X shisha pipe, as well as the prisma one. But also, a little more traditional packs with El-nefes hookahs.


As well as charcoal packs, fireplace and even hookah accessories! Thank you for your participation in our subscriber special! We have taken note of all your suggestions! Stay tuned on our social networks, your hookah pack may be available in our store. 


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  • Pack complet
    By : Di benedetto On January 21st 2021

    Petit pack parfait pour des sessions de hautes qualités (ma configue perso)Chicha steamulation prime Quasar Tom cococha gold (dispensable) Manche carbon steamulation + simple tuyau