Our opinion on tabamel Ways: shisha tobacco with or without nicotine


Ways is the FIRST shisha tobacco manufacturer to offer shisha taste with and without nicotine. The Ways, what is it? This shisha taste is made from cellulose leaves and flavored glycerin. Visually, WAYS tabamel looks like shisha tobacco in every way. The Ways shisha taste will allow you to obtain large clouds of smoke while enjoying an intense flavor, thanks to its capacity to absorb the cellulose that composes it. Cellulose leaves come here to replace tobacco leaves and absorb glycerin and aromas (molasses). It is these components which evaporate under the effect of the heat of the coals to release thick white and fragrant clouds. 


However, unlike traditional tobaccos such as Adalya, WAYS tabamel is cheaper than shisha tobacco because WAYS jars are not subject to the same taxes. The Ways is a so-called revolutionary taste on the hookah market because it can be used with or without nicotine, according to your desires!


WAYS with or without nicotine: smoke shisha as you wish


The most common complaint about the nicotine-free shisha taste is the lack of nicotine. For some smokers, the tobacco leaves present in more classic tobaccos (Social Smoke, Adalya, Al Fakher ...) is an essential part of a good shisha session. The nicotine naturally present in these leaves causes the throat to contract. Indeed, nicotine provides a powerful sensation in the throat commonly called a “hit”. This effect will thus provide a moment of relaxation and pleasure to smokers. 


So, to satisfy the greatest number of smokers, the WAYS brand has decided to release its own shisha flavor that can be used with a nicotine booster. With WAYS, you have the option of choosing whether you want to use it WITH or WITHOUT nicotine. The tobacco brand WAYS has released a product called a nicotine booster. This "nicotine booster" will thus reproduce the same sensations (the same hit in the throat) as an Adalya-type shisha tobacco. WAYS Nicotine Booster is available for sale here!!


WAYS fragrance list: the best flavors of shisha tobacco


The Ways is available in 13 flavors from top brands of shisha tobacco. You just have to choose whether you want to enjoy it with or without nicotine. Quickly discover the 13 WAYS shisha tastes!


Love 66: 

Passion fruit, watermelon, melon, mint. 

The very popular and very fresh Love 66 tobacco from the tobacco brand Adalya is a cult! It is renowned for its sublime, slightly tangy fruity blend. LOVE 66 shisha taste is to be consumed without moderation throughout the year.

Lady Killer: 

Wildberries, mango.

Lady Killer fragrance is a blend of red fruits and exotic fruits. The Lady Killer is a blend of sweet berries and mango. Its very balanced flavor on the palate will appeal to the greatest number of smokers.

Brooklyn Bridge: 

Sweet mint, cane sugar.

WAYS Brooklyn bridge is a very fresh and sweet shisha flavor made with mint and cane sugar. This perfume will be ideal for sunny days to refresh you! We can recommend that you combine it with other WAYS fragrances to enhance their freshness.

Covent Garden : 

Lime, Moroccan mint.

The Covent Garden shisha taste undoubtedly reminds us of the must-have cocktails of the summer with its refreshing notes of lime and mint. This invigorating blend will quickly become your inseparable summer scent!


Pineapple, mango, Moroccan mint.

The WAYS Hawaii transports you to the small island of the Pacific with its paradisiacal beaches with its very fruity scent.


Watermelon, harlequin candy, fresh mint. 

Ways Broadway is a tonic and refreshing taste with its blend of watermelon, harlequin candy and mint!

Dupont circle: 

Blueberry, icy mint.

Dupont Circle takes on the fresh, floral and woody flavors of fresh blueberry. Take a good dose of energy with the WAYS dupont circle!

Coney Island: 

Strawberry, banana.

Are you greedy? The Ways Coney Island is for you with its blend of Tagada strawberry and Haribo banana.

Grand central: 

Cherry, Mint.

Taste morello cherries from every angle with the WAYS grand central! Treat yourself to a moment of sweetness with this nicotine-free shisha taste.

Amore Mio: 

Banana, ananas, Moroccan mint.

The Amore Mio taste transports us to the tropical beaches of Costa Rica with its notes of banana and pineapple (and a hint of mint for freshness!).


Roasted pistachios, pecans.

Fill up on vitamins with Ways Williamsburg! This nicotine-free shisha taste offers you a tasty blend of green pistachio and pecan nuts! The Williamsburg is perfect to start the day with a strong coffee!

Time Square: 

Candy, Fresh Mint.

The Ways time square is a carnival of tangy tastes! Rediscover the flavor of Lutti's harlequin candy with Time Square!

Wall Street: 

Pear, Fresh mint.

Pear is a very gourmet fruit and highly appreciated by many French people. With Wall Street, WAYS revisits the Williams pear to offer a tasty and sweet taste in the mouth. In order to enhance the freshness of the pear, a hint of fresh mint has been added.




Which bowl is used with the Ways?

Whether you have a phunnel, vortex or even a classic fireplace, you can use any type of fireplace with the WAYS taste!

What heating system is recommended for smoking with the WAYS?

Amateur of Kaloud, Brohood, Provost ... The Ways adapts to all heating systems!

Is my shisha compatible with this shisha taste?

It is possible to smoke the WAYS with any hookah, whether you have a Steamulation, Amy deluxe, Oduman or even Aladin...

What is the price of Ways ?

The WAYS taste is available in a 200 gram jar at a price of 15.90 euros.


And for those who want to consume Ways with nicotine, we offer a special pack at a low price. This pack includes a 200 gram jar of shisha flavor and a nicotine booster. The WAYS + Nicotine Booster pack is available HERE!


One of the only complaints we could make with the WAYS taste is that it is only available in 13 fragrances! We hope that the tobacco manufacturer WAYS will offer us new fragrances soon! So what do you think of the WAYS shisha taste? Do you prefer shisha with or without nicotine? 


The WAYS 4 + 1 pack free with a BESKAR tobacco fork

Buy a kilo of tobacco with the WAYS 4 + 1 pack! This shisha pack includes 5 boxes of 200 grams of Ways including a free pot and a Beskar tobacco fork to make your preparation a success every time!



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