Introducing the new high-end Steamulation hookah: PRO X II


The german brand Steamulation come back with a new hookah high-end, the PRO X II. After, all this years, it is no longer necessary to present the brand of the luxury Steamulation to you.


The Steamulation PRO X II hookah has the same design (ashtray, bowl, column) as its predecessors and the same patented 360 ° steamclick system. This click system allows you to open and close your hookah in a fraction of a second. This Steamulation innovation has convinced many users with its speed and stability.


However, the Steamulation PRO X II has a few changes. Let's quickly discover this new multi-hoses hookah. 


Steamulation PRO X II, the multi-hoses hookah to share with friends


What are the differences bewteen the classic PRO X and the classic PRO X II?


The PRO X2 hookah is an evolution of the classic PRO X hookah. Thus, there are two new colors: Petrol Green Matt and Graphic Gray Matt. 


We can also note a new vertical purge system located at the top of the ring. Even in a group, you can purge and smoke together. With this purge, you also have the possibility of fully customizing it with accessories (sold separately).


Lorsque vous connectez plusieurs tuyaux, chaque participant obtient la même qualité de tirage que tous les utilisateurs.  

What is the new purge system on the PRO X 2 and what accessories do you need? 


With the new purge of the PRO X II, every user can blow without having to remove the valve balls. The valve offers the possibility of blowing and smoking automatically in both directions. Unlike the first version, the smoke is expelled directly upwards. Other blowing variations are available as an option (accessories are sold separately).


Steamulation offers a sleeve to personalize your shisha column. This tube covers the steel column of the PRO X 2. The sleeve must be used in conjunction with a purge adapter. There are two types of purge adapters. The DOWN adapter lets the purge smoke escape from the bottom of the column. As for the UP adapter, it evacuates the smoke from the top of the column. These adapters cannot be used alone and must be accompanied by the sleeve. 

The sleeve for PRO X 2 is available HERE at a price of 35 euros!

The DOWN and UP adapter is available HERE at a price of 15 euros!


Steamulation does not stop by offering a fourth blowing option with the purge plate. This hookah accessory allows you to get a "smoke fountain" effect when you want to purge. This "Smoke Fountain" accessory must be associated with the sleeve and the purge adapter. 

The purge plate for PRO X2 is available here at a price of 9.90 euros!

Does the Steamulation PRO X 2 have a diffuser?

Yes absolutely, the PRO X 2 has a height-adjustable diffuser. Thus, you will be able to adjust your print to perfection. Whether you're looking for a heavy or smooth print, with the PRO X 2's diffuser, you manage your print the way you want it to. Its diffuser will thus adapt to your desires and will bring you an ultra-precise draw.  

How to adjust your airflow on the PRO X II?

The Steamulation PRO X 2 hookah offers an adjustable airflow. Thus, each user will be able to personalize their experience by adjusting their air flow. Unlike other multi-hoses hookahs, with the PRO X 2 it is not necessary to plug the hose while other users are smoking. The new Steamulation is the first hookah that gives you the same airflow when you smoke together as when you smoke alone. Each user can also purge at will! The PRO X 2 is an efficient multi-hoses hookah for sharing sessions with friends.

What equipment does the PRO X II come with and what is the price?

In terms of accessories, the Steamulation PRO X II is sold naked, ie without fireplace or pipe. To resume the team's configuration, opt for a Katuro Fuji fireplace, a Kaloud Lotus Black Niris and a Carbonnadict pipe!


Price side, the Steamulation PRO X II is 279 euros. 


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