Top 5 of the best hookah charcoals for your heat management system


Choosing the right charcoal for your heating system is a crucial step in achieving thick smoke. Today there are a large number of brands of shisha charcoal and it can be difficult to find your way around. Note that there are two kinds of charcoal on the market, natural charcoal and self-igniting charcoal. Do you know the difference between these two hookah coals? 


Natural charcoal VS self-igniting charcoal


If you smoke on Kaloud Lotus, Quasar Raas or any similar heating system, it is necessary to use natural charcoal. This shisha charcoal is made from coconut husks and contains no chemical additives. Natural charcoal therefore offers a softer finish on the throat. However, you will need a charcoal lighter (unless you have gas at home) to light your natural charcoal. 


Self-igniting charcoal is used in combination with an aluminum preparation. The primary advantage of self-igniting charcoal is its ease of use. To light it, you will just need a lighter and a charcoal tongs to avoid getting burned. 


As each heating system is specific, it is recommended to use the right shisha charcoal for maximum smoke!

So what shisha charcoal do you use according to your heating system? Here is our selection of the best hookah coals according to the configuration used.

The best hookah coals for Kaloud, Brohood, Quasar, Provost and aluminum preparation

1. The best natural charcoal 3 blocks for Kaloud Lotus : Lokomotiv 3B

With the famous Kaloud Lotus heating system, you can use coals cubes or pre-cut coals. Lokomotiv 3B coal consists of three pieces of coal forming a disc 50 mm wide and 27 mm high. 


The goal is to fully fill the Kaloud Lotus heating system. Lokomotiv 3B natural charcoal has extreme dimensions (2 mm higher than Fresh Coco charcoal for example) and offers a higher than average carbon rate, which makes it the best natural shisha charcoal for Kaloud Lotus. The Lokomotiv 3B offers you intense and constant heating throughout your shisha session.  

2. Natural charcoal in 25 mm cubes for brohood fireplace: Tom cococha gold 

Tom cococha gold natural charcoal is made in Indonesia by the German charcoal brand Tom. This high quality charcoal comes in the form of 25mm cubes. Tom cococha gold premium charcoal offers a long burning time. With its high carbon content and lower humidity, Tom cococha gold premium charcoal offers you comfortable and intense sessions. 

3. Most powerful natural charcoal for Quasar Raas: Lokomotiv K26 

Lokomotiv K26 charcoal is a natural charcoal made from coconut husks. This charcoal in the form of 26 mm cubes allows you to obtain intense heating throughout your session thanks to its higher than average carbon rate. Lokomitiv K26 charcoal is THE best hookah charcoal in configuration with the Quasar Raas thermal head. We recommend that you put two Lokomotiv K26 coal cubes in your Quasar Raas. 

4. The "flat" charcoal for the Provost heating system: Dream Flat

Dream Flat charcoal can be recognized by its atypical shape. Also called "flat charcoal", the dream flat is characterized in the form of a parallelepiped of 25 x 25 x 17 mm. Dream natural charcoal is made in Indonesia from coconut husks. With its atypical shape, Dream Flat charcoal allows you to regulate your heating power very precisely. This "all-purpose" charcoal allows very fine adjustment of your session and will work wonderfully with the Provost heating system.

5. Self-igniting charcoal at the best price / quality ratio: Three King

This quick-lighting charcoal delivers a neutral odor and provides an ideal heating temperature for a session duration of approximately 25 to 30 minutes. These 33mm diameter self-fueling coals are ignited with a lighter. Unlike natural charcoal, Three King charcoal does not require a charcoal lighter plate. Three King charcoal is recommended for aluminum preparations for its excellent quality / price ratio.

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