Top 5 of the best hookah portable for the summer 2021 

With the sun is back, many people smoking outdoor the hookah. You go in hollidays and your hookah is too big for your suitcase? Buy a hookah portable! That you Smoke to the beach, near the pool or in your hollidays home, there is not easy to carry his hookah and all accessories. We present you our selection of the best hookah portable for the summer 2021. 

Discover our top of the hookah for travel this summer 2021

Today, there are a lot of travel hookah and there is not easy for find the good hookah. For your help in your choice for buy to travel hookah, discover our selection of the best travel hookah for this summer.


1. MS BB: the small cubic hookah in resistant acrylic

The MS BB hookah is the small version of the MS micro cube. From the height of its 13 cm, the MS BB offers a very appreciable thick and white smoke. It was made of sturdy acrylic to withstand shocks during transport. Clumsy smokers will therefore undoubtedly appreciate its strength.


The MS BB will be delivered to you with a carrying case (an essential accessory for a portable hookah) and a hose. It is also equipped with a diffuser to give you a smooth and silent draft. However, the MS BB hookah is sold without a bowl or heat management system.


The MS BB is sold for 89 euros!

2. Amy Alu Buzz Bag : the compact hookah with a vintage look

The hookah Alu Buzz Bag is a small model with a lot of equipment. From the height of its 33 cm, the Amy Alu Buzz Bag can be use also in you living room or on travel.  


This small hookah 2 in 1 with equipments included will be delivered with a travel bag, a hose, a charcoal tong, grommet et a heat management system with bowl for natural charcoal.


The Amy Alu Buzz Bag is sold for 69 euros.

Oduman N2 travel

3. Oduman N2 Travel: the essential hookah of the summer for its excellent quality / price ratio

The hookah Oduman N2 travel is the little sister of the Hookah Oduman N2. Like all hookahs of the brand Oduman, the N2 travel has the same diffuser, the ashtray and the same hose that the others  oduman Hookah.


The N2 travel will be delivered with a travel bag. All you have to do is choose the bowl and the heat management system of your choice!


The Oduman N2 Travel is sold for 79 euros.

El badia P1

4. El-Badia P1 : the shisha in the shape of a cup for the car

The hookah P1 is a model easy to transportable. This Hookah with a orginal shape was made by the brand El-Badia. 


This travel hookah will be delivered with a hose and a reversible bowl for you can use with naturel charcoal and instant light charcoal.  


The El-Badia P1 is sold for 39 euros.

Mr Eds Tugla E15

5. Mr Eds Tugla E15: the tank-shaped travel hookah with its wooden stand

The Tugla E15 is a travel hookah made in Turkey by Mr Eds. You can use this pocket hookah in your living room thanks to its wooden base for a great stability and also in travel hookah with his little dimensions and his travel bag. 


The hookah Tugla will be delivered with a hose, a hose holder, a wooden base and a travel bag!


The Mr Eds Tugla E15 is sold for 119 euros.


This list of shisha is of course not exhaustive! You will also find other models of portable shisha HERE!! 

To smoke outdoors, you will also need the appropriate hookah accessories for outdoor outings.


The essential hookah accessories for smoking outdoor


After having selected your portable hookah, you now need some accessories. For natural charcoal lovers, we can recommend the gas charcoal lighter set. 


You can use also a instant light charcoal (with a lighter) but but who reproduces the heat of the natural charcoal (and that you can use with a Kaloud), the Fast Coco charcoal.


And to cool you, buy a cooler hose! This cooler hose is compatible with all the silicone hose sell in Darnashop!


So, what you think of our selection of the best portable hookah? And, wich the best travel hookah for this summer?

Do not hesitate to leave us a comment!

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