Our selection of the best hookahs for the summer 2021


With sunny days approaching, it's the return of outdoor shisha sessions! After several months of confinement and restrictions, we have prepared a small selection of the top shisha you must have for this summer. Small, medium or big budget, don't worry, there will be something for everyone. We have concocted a small selection of 5 hookahs for you!


Hooky Steel, Mr Eds E23, PRO X 2, OVNI XS and Céleste Junior: the must-have hookahs of the summer

The question we all ask ourselves is knowing which shisha will accompany us this summer. After almost a year of confinement and savings, can you finally afford the shisha of your dreams? We offer two luxury models, the PRO X 2 steamer and the Hooky Steel shisha pipe. For world travelers, discover the Mr Eds Small King E23 and the Skull Ovni XS. And for intrepid smokers on a small budget, opt for the Céleste Junior hookah which offers very good value for money. 


1.Steamulation PRO X 2 : the luxury hookah to share with friends

The new high-end hookah from the German brand Steamulation has 4 hose outlets. With its 4 hose connections, the PRO XII offers the possibility of sharing it with friends. This is the first shisha model that does not reduce the flow of draft and smoke to other users when you smoke together, unlike other shisha with multiple hose outlets. Please note, the Steamulation PRO X 2 hookah is sold without hearth or hose. 


To discover the live test of the PRO X2 by our team, go HERE! You will also be able to discover their complete configuration.


The Steamulation PRO X II hookah is available at a price of 379 euros.

2. Mr Eds Small King E23 : the best hookah for unusual traverlers

The Small King E23 is a hookah made by the Turkish brand Mr Eds. This compact hookah has been designed in noble materials of great strength. The Mr Eds Small King E23 features stainless steel and decorative resin. As for the vase of this small shisha, it is made of handcrafted glass. Like all Mr Eds hookahs, the Small King E23 hookah valve is hidden in the column.


The Small King E23 will be delivered to you with a very nice leather bag to transport it as well as a silicone hose and a metal handle. With its small size, you can take your Small King E23 hookah everywhere with you! Are you planning to tour the world this summer? The Mr Eds Small King E23 hookah is undoubtedly suitable for intrepid travelers! Make no mistake about its small dimensions, the Mr Eds E23 is a real smoking machine!


The Mr Eds Small King E23 hookah is available at a price of 129 euros.

3. Skull Ovni XS : the travel hookah easy to carry 

The Ovni XS hookah is a small model on a tripod. Thanks to its small dimensions, the Skull Ovni XS is easy to transport thanks to its included carrying bag. The Skul Ovni XS hookah is suitable for both natural charcoal and self-igniting charcoal users.


The Ovni XS is very well equipped because it has an 18.8 column cut (to add a molasse collector) and a diffuser which provides a smoother and lighter draw. It will also be delivered to you with a hose, a hose spring and a carbon clamp.


The Skull Ovni XS hookah is priced at 69 euros. 

4. Hooky Steel : the first hookah with charcoal by Hooky

With the Steel hookah, Hooky offers an extraordinary hookah. The Hooky Steel is entirely made of stainless steel, from the column to the vase. If you like the freshness in your sessions, you will be served with the Steel.


Looking for a little freshness? Dip your shisha in a bucket of ice to keep it cool. The Steel is also ideal for fruit mixes with its stainless steel vase that keeps it fresh, a bit like the bowl of the thermomix!


The luxurious Hooky Steel shisha is priced at 250 euros.

5. El-Badia Céleste Junior 2.0 : the timeless cult shisha for summer

The Céleste Junior hookah is one of the cult models of the El-Badia brand. This hookah has been designed in stainless steel and acrylic, robust materials offering a very good value for money.

The Céleste Junior is a hookah that can be easily transported without the risk of breaking it thanks to its solid materials.


In terms of accessories, the Céleste Junior 2.0 is very well equipped and will be delivered with a matching pipe and fireplace, several gaskets (hearth gasket, pipe gasket and vase gasket) as well as a charcoal tongs and 'a cleaning brush.


The El badia Céleste Junior 2.0 hookah is priced at 49 euros.


After selecting your hookah, all you need is a few accessories. To smoke outdoors, you will need suitable hookah accessories for outdoor outings. 


What are the must-have hookah accessories to have this summer for an outdoor session?


To bring a little freshness to your sessions, opt for a striped bazooka pipe! This set consists of a washable food-grade silicone hose and an ice tip. Leave your frosted effect sleeve for at least 2 hours in your refrigerator to get a little freshness during your shisha session. The ice tip 2.0 is also particularly popular in hot summer summer for its icy effect.


Take your shisha with you on the beach this summer, consider ordering a carrying case to carry your shisha, your shisha charcoal and your shisha taste!!



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