Hookah tobacco & hookah taste : what are the best flavors for hookah?


Hookah tobacco vs hookah taste or flavors


In Francia, tobacco regulations are very strict. The sale of tobacco on the internet is prohibed. For buy hookah tobacco, you have tobacco at tobacconists, in Germany and in Belgium. So, we don't find hookah tobacco on the website Darnashop or at our shop of Lille. 


However, you will find shisha flavor. So what is the difference between shisha tobacco and shisha taste? First of all, the shisha taste does not contain tobacco or nicotine. Shisha tobacco substitutes can take several forms: steam stones (Dschinni Stones, Shiazo ...), cream (Hookah Cream, True Cloudz ...) jelly (Ice frutz, IceCool ...) or even based on cellulose (Ways, Cloud One, Nexit ...). These tastes for tobacco-free shisha are therefore not subject to the same regulations as shisha tobacco. Tobacco substitutes are therefore much cheaper than shisha tobacco! 



In order to help you in your choice to buy shisha tobacco, we unveil our selection of the best shisha and tobacco flavors!


A few famous flavors of the best hookah tobaccos and hookah tastes 


Exotic fruits, gourmet, minty, fruity ... Shisha tobacco manufacturers offer a large number of flavors (from the most classic to the most original) to satisfy all smokers!

1. Mint hookah tobacco

. Al Fakher Menthe

Al Fakher is one of the most famous tobacco brands in the world. Al Fakher mint tobacco is a classic. This timeless shisha tobacco can be smoked throughout the year without ever getting bored. Al Fakher Mint tobacco is very refreshing. Al Falkher Mint brings the necessary freshness to your hookah. This mint tobacco will also go wonderfully with a large number of flavors to reveal all their aromas.

. Tangiers Can Mint

Tangiers is an American shisha tobacco manufacturer known for its powerful tobaccos. Tangiers tobacco is also one of the most consumed tobaccos in Russia. Tangiers Cane Mint tobacco is a very refreshing peppermint tobacco. You can taste the Tangiers Cane Mint throughout the year without ever getting bored! 

Cloud One Absolut Zero

Cloud One is a substitute for shisha tobacco. Unlike Al Fakher tobacco, Cloud One consists of cellulose leaves and flavored glycerin. With its sweet mint scent, the One Asbolut Zero cloud will offer you an intense and refreshing session.

2. Ultra gourmet shisha tobacco 

. Revoshi Biscuit

With Revoshi Biscuit tobacco, you are at the top of the gluttony. Do you remember the little LU butter cookies when you were little? With the Revoshi Biscuit, it's a return to childhood and the sublime flavor of LU biscuits! With Revoshi biscuit tobacco, you will have the impression of crunching in a little butter.

. Tabamel Ways Williamsburg

Ways Williamsburg is a powerful blend with roasted Italian pistachios and a hint of sweetness with pecans. Williamsburg is a delicate and refined taste that will go wonderfully with a tight espresso or a latte. This shisha taste celebrates one of the trendiest neighborhoods with many cafes in the heart of Brooklyn.

True Cloudz Orient Express

The true cloudz comes in the form of a cream. This nicotine-free, cappuccino-flavored shisha taste goes wonderfully in addition to many types of tobacco. For even more indulgence, place your Orient Express true cloudz at the back of your fireplace and add Ways Williamsburg on top, the mixture is divine.

3. Fresh shisha tobacco 

Nexit Concumber Chill

Do you want to get started with vegetables? Treat yourself to a moment of freshness with the Nexit Concumber Chill hookah taste! This mixture of iced cucumber (with a hint of fresh mint) is perfect for facing the hot summer months! The Nexit Concumber Chill will refresh you in any situation. We recommend pairing it with water infused with cucumber and red berries.

IceCool Dragon Blue

Ice Cool Dragon Blue is for smokers who appreciate atypical tastes. With IceCool Dragon Blue jelly, you will be served! The Dragon Blue fragrance is a blend of frozen blueberry and dragon fruit. This fruit mix will give you a busy session with a fresh and delicate flavor.

. Dschinni Candy Breeeze

The Dschinni brand is a must in the world of shisha. When it comes to shisha tobacco, Dschinni offers a wide choice of flavors by offering classic fruity flavors to the most refreshing with notes of mint and citrus through the more unusual varieties of nuts and spices. With Dschinni Candy Breeze tobacco, rediscover the sweetness of harlequin candy with a hint of mint to bring a little freshness.

5. Fruity shisha tobacco

Ways Hawai

The Ways Hawai shisha flavor is a summery mix with pineapple and mango. This fruit mix is an essential taste for all smokers, whether you are beginners or experienced. The Ways Hawai shisha taste offers a real invitation to travel with an exotic taste!

. Starbuzz Pineapple

Le tabac Starbuzz Pineapple séduira tous les amateurs de parfums sucrés et d'ananas. Le Starbuzz Pineapple offre la saveur d'un délicieux ananas tropical avec un soupçon de menthe fraîche. 

. Social Smoke Tiger's Blood

Starbuzz Pineapple tobacco will appeal to all lovers of sweet and pineapple flavors. Starbuzz Pineapple offers the flavor of a delicious tropical pineapple with a hint of fresh mint.

5. Red berries shisha tobacco

Ice frutz sweet berries

Ice frutz Sweet Berries jelly is a mix of forest fruits! This tasty blend will bring you thick clouds of smoke throughout your session!

Vapor Juice Black Label

The Vapor Juice is a liquid that can be used as well in your hookah or in your electronic cigarette. This flavored liquid allows you to recharge steam stones or to moisten your shisha tobacco that has become too dry. With its mix of forest fruits and fresh mint, the Vapor Juice Black Label will enhance the taste of any shisha tobacco. 

. Adalya Blue Ice

Adalya is a Turkish tobacco manufacturer recognized around the world. Adalya tobacco is also very popular with all smokers for its soft and authentic tobacco. Adalya offers a wide choice of tobacco with original flavors such as Blue Ice tobacco. This mixture of blueberries with a hint of mint will quickly become a bestseller in your preparations.

6. Exotic fruit shisha tobacco 

. Fantasia Wild Mango

Fantasia is a tobacco cultivated in Virginia in the United States. With Fantasia tobacco, you are guaranteed to get thick clouds of smoke and an intense flavor. Fantasia offers many flavors from more traditional tobacco to the most tropical flavors. The mango is the most consumed tropical fruit in the world after the banana. Find all the flavor of this tropical fruit with Fantasia Wild Mango shisha tobacco.. 

Ways Love 66 + booster de nicotine

Ways Love 66 tobacco offers a blend of passion fruit, watermelon, melon and a hint of mint for freshness. LOVE 66 tobacco is a very popular and very fresh scent! With the Ways Love 66, you can be sure that you will never get tired of this classic to be enjoyed all season long. To spice up your session, pair your Ways pot with a nicotine booster. The booster reproduces the same "hit" provided by hookah tobacco.. 

Ice frutz Tropicana

Ice frutz jelly is a staple in shisha flavors. With its Tropicana flavor, take a shot of tropical multifruits. This mixture of tropical fruits will seduce you with its intense fruity flavor. Ice frutz tropicana can be used alone or in combination with another tobacco!!

7. Tonic shisha tobacco

Shiazo Sex on the beach

The famous summer cocktail sex on the beach is revisited with Shiazo steam stones! If you love this must-have fruity summer cocktail, you'll love the sex on the beach shiazo. Shiazo steam stones offer a mix of peach, orange and cranberry.. 

Cloud One Tangle Tingle

The Cloud One Tangle Tingle shisha taste is a fruity and fresh tobacco. The mixture of passion fruit, lime and grapefruit brings an invigorating taste to your shisha session. With the Cloud One Tangle Tingle, you will fill up on vitamins to start the day well!



The preservation of shisha tobacco is an essential part of obtaining thick clouds of smoke. It is the glycerin in your tobacco or shisha flavor that gives you thick white smoke. In order to preserve your shisha taste, we recommend that you use the Tobaccovac by EPOK storage boxes!

Epok offers airtight cans designed to preserve and keep the flavor of your tobacco intact. These airtight jars are suitable for any type of consumable: shisha tobacco, cellulose-based substitute, jelly, steam stones...

Easy to use, Tobaccovac boxes are also waterproof, water resistant and without any parasitic odor. Very resistant, these tobacco pots will also be an essential accessory to transport your shisha tobacco without risk of leakage.. 

Tabaccovac, the airtight storage boxes for shisha tobacco

EPOK brand shisha tobacco storage tins are available in three sizes: size S for about 200 grams of shisha tobacco, size M for about 600 grams and size L for about 1 kilo of shisha tobacco.



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