Un pot de gout chicha Ways offert !

Hookah gift : Darnashop offers you 200 gram of Ways shisha taste !


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Powerful, the Ways tabamel is particularly appreciated by smokers looking for a tasty taste. The WAYS shisha flavor is very easy to prepare and its price makes it easily accessible. In addition, it benefits from many price reductions, all listed on Darnashop!


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We are therefore offering you an exclusive promo code valid only on our website. With this new hookah offer, for all orders over 100 euros purchase, you have a free 200 gram jar of WAYS!


To benefit from this offer, all you have to do is enter the desired code in the "reduction coupons" box directly in your basket. Take advantage quickly, the offer is only valid until August 15, 2021.


*The offer cannot be combined with other current promotions. Offer valid while stocks last. 

Ways Dupont Circle

WAYS shisha taste 200 grams: the first shisha taste available with or without nicotine, according to your desires!

Ways is a shisha flavor made from cellulose sheets designed for use in a shisha bowl. Unlike other shisha tobacco substitutes, Ways can be combined with a nicotine booster to reproduce the “hit” in the throat caused by tobacco. This revolutionary shisha taste can be used with any shisha and in any type of bowl! The Ways 200 grams will give you an intense flavor rendering and thick clouds of smoke throughout your session! 



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