Quasar Raas


Quasar Raas FAQ: all the answers to your questions about the thermal head 


Do you want to buy a Quasar Raas and have a lot of questions? Charcoal, shisha taste, duration of session, preparation ... We reveal all the tips to obtain an intense flavor rendering and a maximum of smoke with this high-end head. The Quasar thermal head is recommended to all shisha enthusiasts who prioritize above all a preserved flavor rendering!


1/ Quasar Raas, what is it ?

2/ What is the best charcoal for a Quasar Raas?

3/ What is the best hookah tobacco and hookah taste for a Quasar ?

4/ How much hookah tobacco consum this bowl?

5/ Is it my hookah is compatible for a Quasar?

6/ How to prepare my Quasar for have a big smoke and a good taste?

7/ What is the difference with the Quasar Raas original and the edition Social Smoke?

8/ What is the difference with the Quasar Raas and the Kaloud Lotus ?

9/ How to clean my Quasar?

10/ What is the price of the Quasar Raas?

11/ Help ! My bowl is broken : what can I do?


Quasar Raas : use, operation, all the answers to your most frequently asked questions


Definition of Quasar Raas 


The Quasar Raas is a set combining a glass phunnel type hearth and a heat transfer system for natural charcoal.


Natural charcoal for Quasar Raas: which one to choose? 


Lokomotiv K26 coal is the best coal for Quasar Raas. By using two cubes of K26 Lokomotiv natural charcoal, you get exactly the optimum amount of heat to cook your shisha tobacco in the best conditions, and enjoy both a strong taste and a thick white smoke.


Hookah taste VS hookah tobacco


The Quasar Raas is a head that aims to deliver a particular cooking of shisha tobacco, mainly focused on enhancing the taste. Quasar Raas has been designed to gently reveal the aromas of shisha tobacco and shisha taste. The Quasar will therefore be highly recommended to taste the highly nicotine tobacco that it will make more affordable. The Quasar phunnel fireplace also allows you to consume many shisha flavors such as creams, steam stones, jelly, or shisha flavors made from cellulose sheets. In addition, its glass hearth has been designed in resistant glass. The main advantage of glass fireplaces is that they do not retain parasitic odors. You will be able to taste hundreds of flavors without ever getting bored!   


Duration session


The Quasar Raas phunnel bowl can contain between 15 and 20 grams of shisha tobacco. With the Quasar Raas, you will be able to carry out sessions of a comfortable duration, approximately 1h30 of session.


What hookah? 


The glass bowl of the Quasar Raas being embedded in a silicone foot, it will allow the Quasar to be adapted without any seal to all hookahs equipped with a male bowl connector (i.e. a large number of hookahs).


Preparation of the Quasar Raaas


La préparation du Quasar Raas est assez simple. Il vous suffit de placer votre tabac à chicha dans le foyer en verre. Puis de venir remettre le four du Quasar. Venez ensuite poser vos charbons naturels (préalablement chauffés sur une plaque allume charbon). Fermez le couvercle, patientez quelques minutes et dégustez. Attention, comme tous les systèmes de chauffe, il est recommandé d'effectuer une première chauffe à vide afin d'éliminer tous les gouts parasites.


Quasar Raas original VS Quasar Raas X Social Smoke 


There is no big difference between the original Quasar version and the Social Smoke edition. The Quasar Raas Social Smoke version features a metallic gray cover and the Social Smoke logo on the top.


Quasar Raas VS Kaloud Lotus


Unlike chimney-type systems like the brohood which offer a full-bodied and intense finish in the throat and unlike the famous Kaloud Lotus heating system which aims at a balance between taste and smoke, the Quasar head opts for a rendering in flavor and taste preservation of your shisha tobacco.


Cleaning of my bowl


Cleaning the Quasar head is very easy. After your shisha session, we invite you to empty your home and then wipe a cloth to remove any traces of shisha tobacco. We do not recommend using any type of special shisha cleaning product such as Schamnd Weg which may damage your head over time.


Price of Quasar Raas 


The bowl Quasar Raas is priced to 69 euros!


Les pièces détachées 


Don't panic, at Darnashop, you will find a large number of spare parts at the best price! In addition, you will find on our site and in our Darnashop Lille store, the glass heart of the Quasar Raas as a spare part..


Pack Quasar Raas

Quasar Raas LOKO : Cheap Quasar pack with natural charcoal in cube!

With the Quasar Raas LOKO pack, buy your Quasar head at an unbeatable price. This pack includes the famous Quasar Raas thermal head as well as two kilos of natural coals. We recommend that you use two cubes of Lokomotiv charcoal in order to obtain the optimum heat to cook your shisha taste in the best conditions. With Lokomotiv natural charcoal, enjoy the pronounced taste of your tobacco and thick white smoke! 



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