Shisha promo, shisha reduc: an EPOK box for shisha tobacco offered!


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This week, we are offering you a new promo code! With this new hookah offer, from 50 euros purchase, enjoy a tobaccovac box offered! The Epok brand offers three different box sizes: S, M or L. The tobaccovac S box has a capacity of approximately 550 ML allowing you to keep approximately 200 grams of shisha tobacco. The Epok size L box allows you to carry up to 600 grams of shisha flavor. And for the intrepid, opt for the giant box which will allow you to store up to a kilo of shisha tobacco!


To benefit from this offer, all you have to do is enter the desired code in the "reduction coupons" box directly in your basket. Take advantage quickly, the offer is only valid until August 31, 2022. 


*The offer cannot be combined with other current promotions. Offer valid while stocks last. 

Boites hermétiques pour tabac chicha

Tobaccovac Epok: vacuum storage box for shisha tobacco and shisha taste!

Epok vacuum cans allow you to keep all the aromas of your shisha tobacco and shisha taste. Whether you smoke on Al Fakher or Adalya tobacco or even Cloud One, Ways or even Shiazo, Dschinni Stones shisha flavor. EPOK storage boxes are also very practical on the go! These boxes are 100% airtight, which helps prevent shisha tobacco from leaking into the bottom of your suitcase. With EPOK boxes you can keep all your consumables: shisha tobacco, shisha flavor made from cellulose leaves, steam stones, jelly ... TobaccoVac containers are waterproof, water resistant and free from parasitic odors. So, are you more of a Tobaccovac small, medium or large?



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