New Cartel: presentation of the small Cartel Havana V2 hookah


For the start of the school year, DARNASHOP offers you a special live with the founder of the Cartel brand. In this program, we present to you the novelties of the French brand CARTEL!


The new CARTEL hookahs: focus on the Cartel Havana V2 hookah and on the Cartel Pablo


Chicha Cartel Havana V2

1. Cartel Havana V2 : the latest novelty from the French brand CARTEL!

The Cartel Havana V2 shisha pipe or also called Havana S is a very powerful and very well equipped small model. The Havana V2's immersion rod has a metal plate that allows you to prevent water from rising in the pipe (as can happen on small models). This small piece will also act on the pull of your hookah (heavy or light) according to your desires. The Cartel Havana V2 will be delivered to you with a hearth and a handle. Please note, the silicone hose is sold separately. The Cartel Havana S fireplace is Kaloud compatible. However, it is also possible to use self-igniting three-king type charcoal for an aluminum preparation. The Cartel Havana V2 hookah is priced at 69 euros.





Cartel Pablo

2. Cartel Pablo : the first high-end hookah from the CARTEL brand is back in a very pretty gold color!

The Cartel Pablo hookah is an emblematic hookah of the French brand. This hookah is fully customizable by adding a molasse collector, a custom column ... The Cartel Pablo has been designed in stainless steel to be able to withstand intensive use. It is also equipped with an adjustable diffuser allowing you to adjust your draft and a click system. The Pablo is sold naked, without a hearth or pipe. The Cartel Pablo is available from 169 euros. 




New CARTEL accessories: customize your hookah with accessories from the Wolf brand!

1. Back in stock! The Cartel Cigar handle is available again!

The CARTEL cigar-shaped handle is making a comeback at Darnashop. This 100% original look handle connects to all silicone hoses sold at DARNASHOP! The Cartel Cigar handle is priced at 25 euros.





Tapis cartel

2. Opt for a trendy accessory with the Cartel hookah mat!

The Cartel rug is a fun and modern accessory that allows you to ensure the stability of your shisha and possibly protect your furniture from your shisha. This non-slip hookah mat keeps your hookah perfectly in place. This Cartel rug is available in several original colors to match many models of shisha. The Cartel hookah mat is priced at 20 euros.  





Cendrier cartel Wolf

3. The Cartel Wolf ashtray that gives your hookah a unique look!

The Wolf ashtray is a trendy hookah accessory. On the occasion of the release of the Cartel Pablo hookah in gold version, Cartel offers the matching Cartel Wolf ashtray! Thanks to its standard dimensions, the ashtray in the shape of a wolf's head will be compatible with many hookahs! The Cartel Wolf custom ashtray is available from 24 euros!





Boules colonne Cartel

4. Column balls to customize your Cartel Havana V2 hookah!

The key word of Cartel is personalization! Customize to infinity (or almost) your Cartel Havana V2 hookah with these Cartel Havana column balls. With this decorative element, change the hookah as you wish and at a lower cost! Cartel Havana column balls are priced at 3 euros. 







Colonne cartel custom

5. Custom Cartel columns to personalize your Pablo hookah!

In wood, resin or carbon, the custom columns allow you to give a unique and trendy look to your Cartel Pablo hookah! The Custom columns have been designed to be associated with the Cartel Pablo hookah! Cartel columns are available from 29 euros.





During the live, the DARNASHOP team and the founder of the CARTEL brand answer all your questions! Is the Havana Cartel called Havana S or Havana V2? Will the Gold color of the Pablo wash off? Can we put a molasses collector on the Cartel Fame? Is Cartel going to release a heating system? How does the Havana V2 bell work? Does the Cartel Cigar Handle make more smoke than other pipes? How to customize the Havana V2 hookah? Can the Wolf plates be attached to any hookah?


Here is the summary of the show:


00:00 : Introduction of the back-to-school LIVE!

08:02 : Preparation of WAYS in a Kaloud home

13:02 : The shisha novelties of the week

15:34 : Provost preparation of the Katuro Asama home

21:31 : Presentation of the Pablo Gold Cartel

34:00 : Focus on the Cartel Cigar handle

44:00 : The Purge of the Pablo Cartel!

45:55 : Unboxing of the Havana V2 Cartel

46:46 : Zoom on the Cartel Mini Stark bowl

49:17 : The handle of the Havana V2

49:38 : How does Havana's adjustable diffuser work?

51:26 : What is the anti-return bell on the Havana Cartel?

52:56 : Close-up on the Havana draft and the water level!

53:34 : The Circular Purge of the Havana Cartel V2

54:20 : How to customize the color of the ball on Havana?

57:57 : The voiceover password!

1:10:00 : Draw

1:17:00 : The voiceover joke!

1:20:02 : Conclusion and thanks!


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