Dschinni news: our opinion on the Dschinni Blow Off compact hookah!


During this new LIVE Darnashsop, the team presents the shisha news including the new Dschinni Blow Off shisha pipe which has not gone unnoticed in recent days on the networks! Find the full program of the show at the bottom of the page! 


Presentation of the new Dschinni Blow Off hookah with its adjustable purge


The compact Russian-inspired hookah by Dschinni


The new Dschinni Blow Off is one of the most compact models of the German brand. The Blow Off is equipped with a joint fixing which reminds us of a hookah of Russian origin. The Dschinni Blow Off hookah is designed in robust materials (stainless steel and polymer) allowing it to withstand regular sessions. From the height of its 39 cm, the small Dschinni Blow Off hookah will not go unnoticed with its customizable purge. With the Blow Off, you can choose where to release the smoke from your vase. 


Personalize your Dschinni Blow Off hookah with its adjustable bleed


The purge of the Dschinni Blow Off can be adjusted according to your wishes. In the classic configuration, you can place the ring which delivers the purge just above the ring at the base of the column. This ring can also be positioned above the plate so that the smoke escapes under the fireplace when you purge. These two purge positions give a very nice "fountain" smoke effect when you blow the smoke out of your vase. 


The equipment supplied with the Dschinni Blow off and its price


The Dschinni Blow Off hookah will be delivered with a silicone hose and a carbon handle. The Dschinni Blow Off is also equipped with a diffuser which prevents water rising and which offers a light and fluid draft. The Dschinni Blow Off hookah is priced at 139.90 euros. 


Discover the configuration of the Dschinni Blow Off by the Darnashop team


Foyer Katuro Nyu

1.Katuro Nyu bowl : Japanese bowl with low capacity for Kaloud 

The Katuro Nyu bowl is an economical head with a low tobacco capacity for short Kaloud shisha sessions. With this bowl for Kaloud, you will be able to perform sessions of approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. The Katuro Nyu can be used with any type of consumable thanks to its phunnel hole: gel, cream, steam stones, shisha flavor made from cellulose sheets...





Ways Lady Killer

2. Ways Lady Killer : the perfect balance between exotic fruits and red fruits

The Ways Lady Killer offers a tasty, sweet and very fruity finish. This taste for shisha is very widespread in the world of shisha. The Ways Lady Killer shisha taste is very easy to smoke! We never tire of its very pleasant notes of mango and red fruits on the palate. With the Lady Killer, you will never be disappointed! 




Kaloud Lotus Black Niris

3. Kaloud Lotus Black Niris : the essential American heating system

We no longer need to present the Kaloud One plus heating system to you. In this new Darnashop show, the team uses the black version of this famous heating system. The Kaloud Black Niris is associated with the Nyu fireplace from the Japanese brand Katuro. With its sober color, the Kaloud Lotus Black Niris heating system goes wonderfully with many bowls. 




Presentation of the new dyes Ways Colors and Ways Powder which will sublimate all your picutres

Colorant Ways Powder

1. Ways Powder : the dye for shisha with metallic effect

Ways Powder is a shisha dye that will sublimate all your pictures. This powder dye offers a glittery effect much appreciated by smokers. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Ways Powder is aimed at all smokers for its ease of use. Using a small spoon, add your WAYS powder to your vase BEFORE adding your water. The Ways Powder will instantly bring a very nice metallic effect to the water present in the vase of your hookah. All you have to do is enjoy your session between two pictures! 





Ways Colors

2. Ways Colors : add color to your sessions with this liquid shisha dye!

Ways Colors is a liquid hookah dye that will color the water in your hookah vase. Add a few drops of Ways Colors to the water so that it takes on the desired shade. With the Ways Colors, bring your personal touch and give a unique and trendy look to your hookah. Ways Colors is available in many colors ... Make your choice!




Did you miss the show? How is Ways Powder shisha coloring used? Should we stock up on coal before the shortage? What is the difference between Ways Powder and Ways Colors? Shortage of natural charcoal, will we still be able to smoke in Kaloud? Is the Katuro NYU fireplace efficient? How to modify the purge of the Dschinni Blow? Do you need a health pass to smoke in a shisha? How much does the Dschinni Blow off cost? Here is the program!


00:00 : Live home page

10:12 : Introduction and presentation of the program summary

17:39 : The hookah novelties of the week

24:40 : The current promo code 

26:52 : The Ways Colors dye

29:34 : How do I use the WAYS Powder dye?

36:02 : The rant of the voice over!

38:08 : How to prepare the Katuro NYU bowl?

42:12 : Announcement of the results of the Cartel Havana instagram contest!

43:50Coal shortage: Are we all going back to instant light coals?

54:32 : The Test of the Dschinni Blow Off!

56:05 : ZOOM on the Katuro NYU bowl!

59:32 : The magnificent Dschinni Blow of valve under the bowl!

1:00:12 : How do I put the Dschinni Blow off valve on the ring?

1:06:50 : The cousin model of the Blow Off: the Dschinni Sparow!

1:08:16 : The draw!

1:09:48 : The winner of the live pick up her phone!

1:12:12 : Thanks... See you in two weeks!

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