How to activate the blowoff system on a hookah?


Valves, blowoff system ... what is it? What is the point of the blowoff system on my hookah?


The blowoff systeme (also called "purge") is a function that is present on the vast majority of hookahs. The purging of a hookah allows you to empty the vase by blowing in the hose, in particular in the event of overheating of your hookah. If you have heated your shisha tobacco too hard or prepared your head imprecisely, the smoke may become pungent and the taste unpleasant. The purge valve will allow you to evacuate the unpleasant smoke by blowing in the pipe.


Help: I ​​can't blow my shisha! How to activate the blowoff system on my hookah? 


Problem, it may happen that it is impossible to blow into the hose, and you cannot get the smoke out of the vase of your hookah.


What to do if you can't blowoff your shisha? The first thing to do is to check if your hose connector has a built-in ball, then to check if there is a ball in the connection port of your hookah. Most of the time, the inability to blow into the hose occurs on a multiple outlet hookah, which is equipped on each outlet with a valve ball.


To activate the purge function, you will therefore have to remove the ball present in the connector where you connect your hose. Be careful, it is essential to leave the balls in the other connectors, and to only remove the ball where you connect your hose.


Also remember to keep the ball to be able to put it back in place if you decide to use your hookah in multi-hoses mode! Finally, note that in multi-hoses mode, there is no possibility of blowoff except on very specific high-end models!


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