Smoking together on a hookah: the multiple hoses hookahs


Are you looking for a shisha with several hoses to enjoy with your family or friends? You do not know which model of hookah choose? That's why, we are going to present to you our selection of the best multiple hose hookahs. 


Choosing the right hookah with several hoses 

There are many models of multi hoses hookahs. Aluminum hookahs, stainless steel hookahs, two-hoses, three-hoses, four-hoses hookahs ... In order to help you in your choice of multi-hoses hookahs, we have prepared a small selection for you. 

Crystalia Elektra

1. Crystalia Elektra : modern style 4-hoses hookah, complete and inexpensive

The Crystalia Elektra is a hookah with a modern and contemporary design. This 4-hoses hookah will not go unnoticed with its pretty anodized aluminum column. The Crystalia Elektra hookah will appeal to many smokers with the power of its flow and its ease in delivering a thick white smoke. 


This multi-hoses hookah is also very well equipped (in addition to its 4 pipe connectors) because it will be delivered with a pipe and a chimney set for natural charcoal. The Elektra is also equipped with a diffuser and an 18/8 column cut to adapt a custom parts.


The Crystalia Elektra hookah is priced at 99 euros!

MVP 360 double tuyau

2. MVP 360 double hose : the shisha with a modern look to share for two

The MVP 360 hookah is an essential model of the Aladin MVP range. With the MVP 360 with double hose pack, rediscover the famous MVP 360 as a duo. The MVP 360 with double hose includes all the accessories you need to enjoy a two-person shisha session.


The MVP 360 with double hose is a hookah very well equipped robust. It will be delivered to you with a fireplace set for natural charcoal and two hoses. The MVP 360 with double hose also has a 4-position adjustable diffuser and an 18/8 column cut.


The MVP 360 with double pipe is priced at 109 euros. 

Steamulation PRO X2

3. Steamulation PRO X2 : the luxury shisha to share with friends for an unique experience

The Steamulation PRO X 2 hookah is a high-end model. The notable change that we can notice between the PRO X and the PRO X 2 is when you connect multiple pipes.


This model's exclusive air circulation system makes it the first truly efficient multi-hose hookah. When you connect several pipes, each participant benefits from the same quality of draft as if they were smoking alone, and each one can purge the system as they wish with the same efficiency. A truly surprising result! The Steamulation PRO X2 is sold without accessories, pipe or fireplace.


The Steamulation PRO XII hookah is priced at 379 euros. 

Mini brodator 320

4. Mini brodator 320 : the ultra robust hookah with 4 pipes

Don't be fooled by its small size, the Mini Brodator 320 hookah offers great performance. The mini Brodator 320 is the brand's smallest model (as the name suggests). The mini Brodator 320 has the same technical specifications as the Brodator 550 and 650 hookahs. 


With this small multi-pipe shisha, connect your silicone hose without joint thanks to its 4 18/8 connectors. It will be delivered to you with a pipe and a fireplace set for natural charcoal. In order to provide a light and fluid draw, the mini bradator 320 also consists of an adjustable diffuser. Designed in noble materials, the mini embroiderer 320 will withstand intensive use. 



The mini Brodator 320 hookah is priced at 99 euros.

Aladin DETOX

5. Aladin Detox : the large hookah of the living room to share

The Aladin Detox hookah is a large model (62 cm high) of hookah with 4 hose outlets. Less expensive than stainless steel, the Aladin Detox hookah is designed in anodized aluminum to offer a complete hookah for less than 100 euros.


This multi-hose hookah will be delivered to you with a pipe and a chimney set for natural charcoal. The Aladin Detox is also equipped with a 4-position adjustable diffuser and an 18/8 column cut allowing you to add a molasses collector. 


The Aladin Detox hookah is priced at 99 euros. 


Numéa double tuyau

6. Double tuyau Numéa  :  hookah with 2 hose at a low price

The Numéa Double Hose Hookah is one of the cheapest double hose hookahs on the market. The Aladin Numéa is the double pipe version of the Bogota hookah. Ultra easy to use, the Numéa double hose hookah is suitable for novice smokers looking for a hookah to share as a duo. With the Numéa, it will not be necessary to pass the hose to you!


This double hose hookah has a very classic design and offers an unbeatable quality / price ratio. In terms of equipment, the Aladin Numéa hookah will be delivered with two pipes, a ceramic hearth, a hearth gasket and a charcoal tongs. When you smoke for two on the Aladin NUMEA hookah, don't forget to plug your hose when your partner is smoking!


The Numéa Double hose hookah is priced at 45 euros. 


This list of shisha is of course not exhaustive! Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can best advise you in your purchase of hookah. 


1-hose hookah, multi-hose hookah : valve activation to evacuate the smoke from the hookah base


How do I activate the purge on my multi-hose hookah?  


On multi-hose hookahs, a distinction should be made between use with 1 single hose and multi-hose use.


In 1-hose mode : 


To be able to purge on your multi-pipe shisha pipe, you need to remove the valve ball which is located in the connector where you plug your shisha pipe. By removing this ball, you activate the valve function. On the other hand, the balls must be left in the pipe connectors which are not used to close the system. Then always remember to connect your pipe to the connector where you removed the ball (otherwise the system will not be waterproof and you will not be able to smoke).

In multi-hose mode:


On the other hand, when you smoke with several users, it is advisable to put valve balls in each connector in order to ensure the proper functioning of your hookah. In this configuration you can no longer purge but this saves you having to plug your hose when another user is smoking.


Pack Crystalia Elektra

Pack Crystalia Elektra : 4 hose hookah to share with friends!

With the Crystalia Elektra pack, treat yourself to a multi-hose hookah to share with friends! In this pack you have all the accessories you need to get thick white smoke. In this shisha pack, in addition to the Crystalia Elektra shisha accessories, you will have a home-made bowl  from the Japanese brand Katuro, a generic heating system, a kilo of Lokomotiv natural charcoal and a charcoal lighter plate. All you need is your shisha taste!