Hookah with 10 blow-off: our opinion on the Aladin EPOX 360 PRO hookah! 


Aladin surprises us again with his latest model: the EPOX 360 PRO hookah. During this new show, Julien, Cortex, Minus and the voice over you dissect all the aspects of this new shisha. During this Darnashop live, the team will also answer all your questions about the Aladin EPOX 360 PRO.




Aladin EPOX 360 PRO : the hookah with 10 different blow-off options

The Aladin EPOX 360 PRO hookah is a model similar to the Aladin MVP A36 hookah. The EPOX 360 PRO and the MVP A36 have the same vase design and the same style in general. However, the EPOX 360 PRO hookah has an epoxy resin column (and a stainless steel column for the A36). In addition to the style of the column, the EPOX 360 PRO hookah is distinguished by its unique purge system. The Epox 360 Pro offers up to 10 unique blow-off options.


The different blow-off options of the Aladin EPOX 360 PRO hookah

You are probably wondering how the EPOX 360 PRO can offer up to 10 different purges? For this, you have to look at the accessories included with this high quality hookah. The Aladin EPOX 360 PRO shisha pipe will be delivered to you with not one but two sleeves for the column (one sleeve with hole and one sleeve without hole). You will have two ashtrays included with this hookah including a classic ashtray to collect the ashes from your natural coals and a smaller ashtray that will allow you to create a fountain of smoke effect under the fireplace. But then what are the different possible purging options?





If you want to see a specific purge rendering, click on the desired chapter! Also remember to download our user manual which explains how to set up the 10 different purges on the Aladin EPOX 360 PRO.


0:05 : Position #01: Downwards from plate

0:13 : Position #02 : Upwards from base

0:22 : Position #03: Sidewards from bottom plate

0:31 : Position #04 : Upwards from plate

0:43 : Position #05 : Sidewards from base

0:51 : Position #06 : From sleeve

0:56 : Position #07 : Sidwards between plates

1:08 : Position #08 : Downwards from plate

1:17 : Position #09 : Downwards from base

1:26 : Position #10 : Upwards from plate

The hookah accessories included with the Aladin EPOX 360 PRO

The Aladin Epox 360 PRO is a complete hookah that will be supplied to you with the various Aladin accessories that you will find with a large number of their models (MVP 360, A36, Aladin Rival 380, MVP 460…). Thus, with the Aladin EPOX 360 will be delivered to you a silicone hose and an aluminum handle as well as a heat management system for natural charcoal and a hookah bowl.

Did you miss the show? How to adjust the water level of Aladin EPOK? How do I change the different blow-off options? What is the purge function for? Where can I find the instructions for use of the Aladin Epox PRO hookah? Here is the program!


00:00 : Live Home page

12:18 : Introduction and presentation of the program summary

18:23 : The new features of the week at Darnashop!

26:25 : The results of the Halloween photo contest

28:09 : The test of the EPOK Mantis by our special correspondent

32:00 : Will Darnashop be open on public holidays?

34:20 : Can Ways Nicotine Boosters be used with Cloud One?

37:02 : How can we explain the success of the shisha?

41:00 : What are the elements that make up the Aladin EPOX PRO

45:35 : How do you find the perfect water level on a shisha?

53:50 : The magic mix with True Cloudz Orient express cream

57:50 : What is the purge on a shisha for?

58:58 : Focus on the Aladin EPOX PRO

1:00:01 : The 10 different blow-off of the Aladin EPOX PRO

1:03:37 : Are there any other WAYS flavors to come?

1:04:53 : What is the best color of tobacco to use with a Kaloud?

1:05:46 : Russian Prepa, German Prepa, the big bluff?

1:08:09 : When will you get a taste of CBD at Darnashop?

1:11:09 : Is there a heating time dispute between the Kaloud and the Brohood?

1:16:24 : The different blow-off options of the Aladin EPOX PRO

1:30:27 : The question of the day that wins a gift for its author!

1:31:44 : The anecdote on respect for the environment through voice-over

1:34:01 : The draw!


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