chichas à la purge de folie! 


Our TOP 10 hookahs with the most original blow off system


Following your request, here is our selection of hookahs with the craziest purging system! Are you looking for a shisha with a fountain purge, with a customizable purge, a 360-degree purge, a shisha with an adjustable purge or a unique model? Discover our top 10 most original purging hookahs of the moment! This list is of course not exhaustive. If you are looking for a model with a very precise purging system, do not hesitate to contact our teams (by email or by phone) or to come and visit us at our store in Lille.


Our selection of hookah with original blowoffs VS classic hookahs!

On most models, a hookah's valve is located opposite the hose connector. In this hookah selection, we offer models with an original valve. Forget everything you know about the purge system and check out our top 10 madness blowoffs hookahs!


Aladin EPOX 360 PRO

1. Hookah with 10 blowoffs styles : Aladin EPOX 360 PRO

The EPOX 360 PRO is the latest little bomb from the Aladin brand. The Aladin EPOX 360 PRO hookah is the first hookah composed of 10 blowoffs! And yes, with the Aladin EPOX 360 PRO hookah, you have up to 10 unique styles of blowoffs! All the accessories allowing you to perform the 10 styles of blowoffs are included with the Aladin EPOX 360 PRO hookah. This stainless steel hookah will also be supplied with a cheminey set for natural charcoal and a hose. 





Oduman six pack RS19

2. Hookah with 6 nozzle blowoffs : Oduman Six Pack RS19

With the Six Pack RS19 hookah, Oduman breaks all the codes and offers you a unique model. The Six Pack RS19 is a stainless steel hookah composed of a unique air circulation system. The Six Pack RS19 has a speckled ashtray with 6 holes. When you blow with the six pack, the smoke escapes through the 6 nozzles located on the plate. The Oduman Six Pack RS19 offers you a spectacular and unprecedented blowoff! 





Mr eds rocket E17

3. Shisha that looks like a rocket when you blow : Mr Eds Rocket E17

The Mr Eds Rocket E17 hookah is a model designed in aluminum with a column similar to a rocket (hence its name rocket). The purge of the Mr Eds Rocket E17 hookah is concealed in the hookah ring, giving it a clean look. When you blow through your hose to blow the smoke out of your vase, the smoke will escape through the column such as the takeoff of a rocket. 





Dschinni Blow off

4. Russian-inspired hookah with adjustable blowoff : Dschinni Blow off 

The Dschinni Blow off is a German hookah with joint fixing equipped with an adjustable blowoff. This compact and very easy to use model has an adjustable valve allowing you to blow in two different ways. With the Dschinni Blow Off you can evacuate the smoke at the ring or at the top of the column like a "smoke fountain". 







Cartel FAME

5. Deluxe hookah with foutain of smoke : Cartel Fame

The Cartel Fame is a high-end hookah designed in quality materials by the French brand CARTEL. La Fame surprises us with its spectacular blowoff hidden in the base of its column. When you blow into the Cartel Fame to clear the smoke from the vase, you will be able to experience a magnificent blowoff cinematic which, like a fountain, covers the vase with smoke. 






MS Yacht

6. Hookah with "waterfall" effect : Ms Mashisha Yacht 

The MS Yacht hookah is the most upscale model of the MS Mashisha brand. With its retro style and noble materials, the MS Yacht will not go unnoticed. As for the purge of the MS Yacht hookah, it is hidden at the level of the column ring, which gives it a trendy and refined look. When you expel the smoke from the vase, you will be able to see a "waterfall" effect.



Steamulation PRO X2

7. Hookah with blow off adjustable  : Steamulation PRO XII

The PRO XII is a high quality German hookah made by the Steamulation brand. The Steamulation PRO XII hookah has 4 hose connections allowing you to smoke with others. The purge of Steamulation PRO XII is fully customizable. To customize your Steamulation PRO X2 hookah, however, you will need a few accessories (sold separately).





chicha ovni galaxy xs

8. Hookah with 360 degree blow off : Skull Ovni Galaxy XS

The Skull Ovni hookah is one of the cult models of the Skull Hookah brand. In this new version, the Skull Ovni Galaxy XS hookah is equipped with a 360-degree blow off. But where is the purging system of the Galaxy XS hookah hiding? The UFO Galaxy XS hookah purge system is hidden in the hookah ring. When you blow through the hose of the Galaxy XS, smoke escapes 360 degrees at the column ring!





Oduman Dream

9. Hookah with discreet blow off : Oduman Dream

The Dream hookah is a collaboration between two major Turkish brands: Oduman and El-Nefes. The Oduman Dream is a hookah with a unique design. Original and refined, the purge of the Oduman Dream hookah is hidden in the column of the hookah. When the smoke is expelled from the vase of the shisha, it will escape through the column to give you a very nice rendering.





Chicha Kaya woodseam

10. Hookah with concealed blow off : Kaya Woodseam

The Kaya Woodseam shisha is an elegant hookah with a wooden column and a vase with traditional patterns. With its elegant design and complete equipment, the Woodseam will not go unnoticed. Kaya also treats us with her fancy purge. Indeed, the Woodseam valve is hidden in the column to keep the clean lines of this hookah.










What are the balls in the valve used for?

The valve balls are an essential hookah accessory for the proper functioning of your hookah. These are the purge balls that will seal your shisha or your hookah when you suck, and which will free a passage for excess smoke when you blow.

Where can I find valve balls?

You can order your valve balls directly from Darnashop! We offer a wide choice of valve balls. With Darnashop, receive your valve balls in 24 hours at home!


Help, my valve balls are stuck: what should I do?

Your valve ball may get stuck during suction. How do you unblock your marble and prevent it from getting stuck again? You can coat your valve ball with a fat, such as oil.

How do I blow in my hookah?

In order to blow off in your shisha, it is very simple! However, two bleeding techniques should be noted: purging in one-hose mode or purging on a multi-hoses hookah. We invite you to watch our short video on the subject: "How to activate the blowoff system on a hookah?". 



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