Hookah Cream: the gel to be sprayed in your chicha home sold in a tube

In this new Darnashop video, we present you the new chicha Hookah Cream taste sold in tubes similar to toothpaste! Not to be confused with your tube of toothpaste! Hookah Cream is not to be eaten, of course!

What is Hookah Cream Hookah taste?

Hookah Cream is a substitute for shisha tobacco. This shisha flavour is tobacco and nicotine free. It is mainly composed of vegetable glycerine and flavourings.

How do I use Hookah Cream? Can it be used alone or with tobacco?

The Hookah cream can be sprayed into your shisha's home. This shisha gel can be used on its own or in addition to your shisha tobacco. If you use it alone, we recommend a phunnel type fireplace to avoid the glycerine filling up the holes of your shisha fireplace and thus fully profit from the flavour of your shisha taste.

We also offer you a wide choice of hair-raising flavours such as French Kiss, Straw Cake-Shake or Frozen Papaya.

We invite you to watch the replay of the live Darnashop in order to discover the opinion and the live test of this new chicha taste sold in tube!

So what do you think of this tobacco substitute? Which flavour do you prefer? Feel free to leave us a comment!

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