Hookah Cream

Spray gel for shisha

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The hookah cream gel is a taste for shisha without tobacco. This gel is composed of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and aromas. Hookah cream gel is sold in tubes that look like toothpaste tubes. These are particularly easy to use. This gel intended to be vaporized is very easy to use. Just place the gel in the bowl of your shisha (exactly the same way you would with a shisha tobacco) and you can quickly enjoy white and tasty clouds of vapor.

The only constraint of this tobacco-free product is that it should preferably be used with a phunnel type hearth. In fact, in a classic shisha hearth, the gel could escape through the holes located at the bottom of the hearth . A shisha hearth with a raised central hole of the Phunnel type will therefore be preferable.

Hookah Cream Gel is available in many flavors. It is of course possible for you to mix them in order to obtain your own mixes and taste original flavors of your creation!



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