Preparing a Hookah with the Beskar Sherpa: The Tutorial:

The Beskar Sherpa is a highly efficient heating system that utilizes technology developed by the Kaloud brand. But having a powerful accessory is not enough to achieve a great hookah experience... You also need to know how to use it! Here, we will reveal some secrets that will help you prepare your hookahs like a true professional.

1/ Choosing the Bowl to Pair with the Sherpa

This first parameter is essential. It's important to be aware that it's impossible to have a successful session with the Sherpa if you pair it with an incompatible bowl. The bowl and the heating system work in harmony, and one cannot function properly if the other is not a perfect match. Fortunately, as a product benefiting from Kaloud technology, the Beskar Sherpa is compatible with many different bowls. We recommend choosing a bowl with a "lip" (ridge) if possible. This provides better stability (the Sherpa will be held in place on the bowl) and allows you to see more clearly how high you should pack the tobacco. Ideal bowl options include the Katuro Yoko, Katuro Sobo, Dandy Glass Hurricane, Glassbowlfix, Cartel Starck, and Saphire Fix... The options are plentiful!

2/ Pay Attention to Packing the Bowl

The way you pack your bowl is crucial to the success of the session. Just a millimeter more or less of tobacco can make a significant difference! If you've chosen a bowl with a lip, it's straightforward—stop packing the tobacco just at the level of the lip. The goal is to get as close as possible to the bottom of the Sherpa system without the metal touching the tobacco directly. Adding too much tobacco will cause it to burn and result in an unpleasant experience. On the other hand, if you don't add enough tobacco, there will be a gap, preventing heat from distributing properly. So, be precise and flirt with the limit!

3/ Choose Charcoal Suitable for Your Desired Temperature

The type of charcoal you choose will determine the temperature at which you heat your tobacco. This is a parameter not to be taken lightly. The Beskar Sherpa allows you to use a wide range of charcoal thanks to its spacious interior. You can easily fit two or three charcoal pieces, whether they are 25mm, 26mm, or even 27mm cubes. With its straight edges, the Beskar Sherpa allows you to use more charcoal than a Kaloud Lotus, for example, without the need to cut them. However, just because you can insert three charcoals doesn't mean you should automatically do it! It's an option for those seeking intense heat, but it's not recommended for all users. If you're unsure how much charcoal to use, start with the basics and do a session with two 26mm cubes. You can see if the heat is sufficient or if you need more power as you go. You can also use "triangle" charcoals, which are charcoal pieces cut into three parts that form a circle. Recommended charcoal options include Lokomotiv K26, K27, 3B, Tom Cococha Gold, or natural charcoal like Fresh Coco Supreme, depending on your desired shape.

4/ Follow the Preparation Routine

Once you've packed the bowl with tobacco, place the Sherpa's heating element on the bowl and add the selected charcoal. Then, put the lid back on the heating element, leaving the vents open (to avoid immediately smothering the charcoal), and let the system heat up for 5 minutes without any action. After 5 minutes, take a test draw. If you've followed our instructions, you should see smoke forming in the base. If not, continue letting it rest and take a test draw every two minutes until you get smoke. Once smoke starts to appear, close the vents on the lid and start smoking. During the session, if the sensation becomes too strong, harsh, or sharp, intervene immediately by removing the lid to allow heat to dissipate and lower the temperature of the device. Once the flavor becomes pleasant again, put the lid back on, closed, and continue smoking. If needed, repeat the process.

5/ Anticipate Charcoal Replacement

After about 45 minutes of a session, you should notice the amount of smoke decreasing as the charcoal wears out. Anticipate this by heating new charcoal after 40 minutes of the session. It's advisable not to wait until the last moment to change the charcoal, as they tend to crumble more if you wait longer. Once the new charcoals are ready, open the lid, carefully remove the used charcoals, and replace them with the new ones. You can then follow the same process as in step 4... Enjoy a long and pleasant session!

Do you have any hookah tips? Feel free to post them in the comments!