Ice Frutz shisha taste: the preparation tutorial

In this new video, our shisha experts answer your questions about Ice Frutz taste. How to use it ? Can I mix Ice Frutz with tobacco? Which fireplace and which hookahs are needed? We tell you all about this delicacy that perfumes our shisha!

1 / What is Ice Frutz?

It is a spray gel paste that does not contain nicotine. It can therefore be used in addition to tobacco to enhance your hookahs, but also as a tobacco replacement for non-smokers.

Ice Frutz is available in more than 70 flavors and offers you hookahs with unique tastes with big white and dense clouds with a fresh and fruity flavor. It is also possible to mix several flavors in order to test different combinations for even more taste.

2 / How to prepare Ice Frutz?

Combined with tobacco, you can distribute the tobacco in your bowl then add your taste to shisha. Conversely, if you do not want to use tobacco, distribute the Ice Frutz in your Kaloud without touching the bottom.

Regarding the dosage, we can only advise you to follow your desire of the day, there is no specific rule to follow.

3 / What hearth is used for the Ice frutz shisha taste?

Regarding the use of Ice frutz jelly, we recommend a phunnel-type fireplace, with a raised central hole. This will prevent the glycerin from clogging the holes in your fireplace.

We invite you to watch the video to follow the steps of the preparation of Ice Frutz live. Also find a presentation of the equipment recommended and approved by our shisha experts to best prepare your ice frutz taste!

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